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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Investigated for Domestic Abuse

20 Oct

Amber Portwood from MTV’sTeen Mom” has caught some major flack for beating the crap out of her overweight, teary eyed ex fiance twice removed, , Gary Shirley in front of the show’s cameras and her 2 year old daughter.  Apparently in Indiana where the couple lives domestic violence in front of a child is considered child neglect and is considrered a felony.  SNAP!

This isn’t the first shady thing Amber has done on the show, in Season 2 she began dating a guy she met at Wal Mart out of a work program from jail.  Reports also show that this live in boyfriend was a convicted sex offender for a previous count of child molestation. Sources also say that she may be pregnant again! OMG seriously this girl cannot handle one child let alone two. Time to grow up!

All I have to say is “Get your stuff together girl! You’re on MTV Stop doing stupid stuff that millions of people can see”

-Drama mama out


Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks Make Awesome Gifts

5 Oct

4 years ago when Bailor was a baby I came across a great line of products called Stephen Jospeh.  They make all sorts of kids/toddler products from backpacks to water bottles to nap mats.  The best thing about these products is that they have the cutest prints and are perfect for monogramming.  Bailor had the quilted backpack in Pirate with his name monogrammed in Red on the flap…super cute and machine washable, the best.

Now that Luna is getting to that age where a full size diaper bag is not needed I started looking into these bags for her and I came across some of the cutest girl prints for Stephen Joseph bags that have all of the same features that I loved in the bag four years ago with updated modern designs for a little girl.  You can normally find these bags in specialty kids stores retailing for around $24 or so.  I am in love with the Owl and Cupcake Print for girls and I love the Farm print for boys.  There are tons of cute prints and color combos and all look super cute monogrammed.

If you are in the Central Louisiana area JoJo’s Flowers in Bunkie and Marksville carries them.  (Check out JoJo’s Flower’s facebook page for photos of their prints, don’t forget to tell them that Drama Filled Mama sent you!)

All in all great gift for birthdays or Christmas and I am sure that if you have a sewing machine that does small monograms that would work on these little backpacks.

-Drama mama out

October 15th Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

13 Sep

For those of you who don’t know my family and I sufferred a great loss about 2 months ago, we lost a baby at about 13 weeks gestation. This loss came as a complete shock to us and we were devastated.  With much love and support we have gotten to a place where we are dealing with the loss and leading as much of our past normal lives as we can.  We still think of what could have been and what should have been each day but we thank God each day for our family and the lives we lead.

That said, I wanted this post to be a “shout out” of sorts for October 15th which is the national Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  When I was going through some of the roughest times I looked to the internet to find information about organizations, associations etc where I could channel my efforts, feelings and look for support, but there was nothing out there.  Pregnancy and Infant loss is not highly supported even though it affects 1 in 6 pregnancies.  I did come across a few great sites with message boards where I was able to talk with other women in my situation that “understood” like no one else did.

I befriended a great woman named Patty who like me had 2 healthy children and to her surprise and horror lost her third child near the end of her first trimester.  I stated in an e-mail to Patty “Hopefully one day we won’t talk about our loss and simply be friends who happened to meet by a series of unfortunate events” and it seems that we are at that point, which makes me so happy.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my good days and my bad days but at this point my good days out  number the bad and I find real strength in that thought.  Just the strength for me to post this, knowing that it would be made live to 100s of people makes me feel good to know that I am in a place where I can handle people knowing.

Back to Remembrance, I registered for an event here in Lafayette to support other mothers and families suffering the same loss that I have.  The event, The Forget me Not Walk to Remember is the 1st annual and will be held in   Youngsville, LA October 9, 2010.  Its the only event of its kind in our area and its the first year.  I want to get the word out about this event because pregnancy and infant loss awareness is not promoted like other groups and it should be.  I challenge you to participate in this walk to support the families that have suffered a great loss as my family has.  You can register easily through the website and if your not into walking I am sure that you can volunteer.  Do it for you, do it for someone that you know that has gone through this tragedy or do it for Penelope Pearl who was taken from us way too soon.

Join me on October 9th in Sugarmill Pond for the walk, if not light a candle in remembrance on October 15th.

-Drama mama out

Neil Patrick Harris To Become Father Of Twins! | PerezHilton.com

15 Aug

So amazing 🙂

Neil Patrick Harris To Become Father Of Twins! | PerezHilton.com.

Bathroom Makever for Under $100

14 Aug

Now that we have a little girl in the house now I have been playing around with the idea of making over the kids bathroom since she was born. I wanted to do this on a minimal budget and I had the huge task of making whatever “decor” we chose work with the yellow paint that is already in the bathroom. I didn’t want to paint so I found some great items that work really well with what we have while giving us a whole new like for the time being.

Trashcan ($9.99) , Toothbrush Holder (3.99) and Soap Pump (3.99) – A lot of different colors are available within this collection. Another great thing about these items are that the items are solid colors they can work with other items later on when the other elements of the bathroom change. I went with the orange trashcan, turquoise toothbrush holder, and the lime soap pump.

Shower Curtain (9.99) and Blue Shower Curtain Liner (3.99) – I chose a cute patterned shower curtain because it was my only option within the Target collection that allowed me to keep my yellow paint. There are lots of really cute curtains within the Room Essentials Collection and they have colored shower curtain liners which are much more fun than standard white and clear.

Shower Curtain Hooks (9.99) – These hooks are great colors and they will work later when I am sick of the patterned shower curtain and change to a solid. They are a little bit more than the Room Essentials shower hooks but DO NOT buy the Room Essentials hooks….I had to return them, they almost tear the shower curtain and they make the curtain too long and skim the floor.

Towels (5.99 and 2.99) – I used solid color towels on my towel bars in order to be as generic as possible and to level off the printed shower curtain. Bright fun colors that are not “themey”. I went with turquoise, orange and hot pink.

Shower Caddy (2.99) – I bought a simple plastic shower caddy to organize the kids’ bath products. I like that it has 2 sides which allows me to keep Bailor and Luna’s items separate. Walmart, dollar stores etc all have caddies like this.  I liked this one because it had two different compartments but get what works for you.

Canvas Organization Caddy (3.99) – These came in many different sizes within the Target Room Essentials collection. They all have a similar look with a white border around the top to match the trashcan, toothbrush holder etc. Great way to keep all items like lotion, powder, hair brushes etc.

I had some other accessories like some art/wall hangings, hamper etc. that already matched what I chose but other than that I was able to transform a room with less than $100 in an afternoon.  Pretty darn crafty of myself if I must say so.

Check out the images of my “new” bathroom.  Click the image to see the next one.

-Drama mama out

Great Kids/Baby Products

15 Jun

Suave Wacky Watermelon 3 in 1 – Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash in 1.  This product has a great scent that is not overly perfume-y  but really fresh.  I use this product on my 4 year old who has sensitive skin and I have not seen any negative effects from it.  Its also very convenient b/c I only have to use one product.

Huggies Naturally Refreshing wipes in Cucumber and Green Tea – These wipes are the great quality (like all Huggies products) really thick and strong.  The scent smells great and is really fresh and clean and doesn’t come off generically baby.  It also works well on sensitive skin.

-Drama mama out

Daycare Drama

15 Jun

As of last week I pulled my son out of a very popular Lafayette daycare facility.  My child a 4 year old boy was repeatedly hit, scratched and had multiple falling incidents when he never has falling incidents at home. The same little girl repeatedly scratched him so badly tp leave scars in his face. A lot of these incidents occurred without any report from the daycare. I would have to find out by his screams in the tub from the soap burning the broken skin scratches down his back from the same girl.

When I approached the daycare with these issues they simply placated me and told me that kids scratch, bite and hit and that is what kids do. When I finally pulled my kid out do to a fall resulting in a busted nose the office accused me of overreacting and stated that I should be ashamed of my self as his teacher was very upset for me pulling him. To top that off I had prepaid for 2 weeks ahead of time and the administration refused to refund the unused portion of the tuition. This daycare is dangerous and completely unprofessional and do not care about the well being of your children or making this a loving environment for them. They defend their ways and teachers no matter what and you, “the customer” are always in the wrong.

If you want to know what daycare I am talking about please leave your e-mail in the comments and I would be happy to let you know.

-Drama Mama out