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Kristen Stewart at the “Welcome to the Riley’s” Premiere

20 Oct

Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga Movies was recently in a film “Welcome to the Riley’s” with James Gandolfini.  This movie is about a young poor stipper named Mallory (best name ever) who lives in Louisiana and befriends a man who has lost his teenage daughter. All in all looks like a good movie, Stewart does her best work in these smaller dramatic independent films.

Anyway I had to show off these photos from her at the premiere.  She looks absolutely stunning in a one shoulder Vlentino lace dress and simple pumps.  Her makeup makes a great statement as well, she is rocking a messy version of the smokey eye which looks like a smokey brownish/black color simply smudged on the eye lid and a bold red lip.

Love it very impressive!

-Drama mama out


Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls

19 Oct

Some of these celebrity look at like dolls are a little scary but overall pretty fun.  check them out 🙂

Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls.

Twilight Stars in Louisiana to Begin Production on Breaking Dawn!

18 Oct

cited by hisgoldeneyes.com both Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart have been comfrmed as being in Louisiana to start production on Breaking Dawn.  Hopefully this will give us the big boost in economy we always need.

-Drama mama out

“Vampires Suck” SUCKS!

20 Aug

I forced my husband to come with me to see “Vampires Suck” I thought that as a Twilight fan I would be able to appreciate all of the funny inside jokes those types of movies make but I was sadly mistaken and quite embarrased to be the one to have chosen the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, there were funny moments but most funny moments were already seen in the trailer.  Other jokes were just really awkward and just not really funny.

The actress playing Becca to Kristen Stewart’s Bella did a pretty good job mimicing KStew’s twitchiness, lip biting and frustrated studering.

All in all, don’t waste your money.

-Drama mama out

“The Runaways” Starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart

28 Jul

If you guys haven’t heard Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart recently starred in a film called “The Runaways” which is a bio pic about the 70s girl band who became famous with their well know hit “Cherrybomb.” Fanning plays lead singer and super young sex symbol Cherie Currie and Stewart plays badass Joan Jett.

Both girls do a great job depicting their characters which I am sure is super difficult anytime playing a well know “real” person.  The girls also did all of their own vocals which is pretty impressive.

The movie follows the band as they are established go on their first tour and their breakup.  Since this is set in 1975 the movie has a really cool feel with lots of vintage details that make the sets and scenes feel really authentic.  All in all I was super impressed.

Check out the trailer here.

-Drama mama out.

A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser

11 Jul

It’s confirmed….Baton Rouge…not the best place to choose in the state but we will take it.

A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser.

-Drama mama out

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse…My Review

6 Jul

So I went to see Eclipse for the midnight showing on Tuesday the 29th ( I know I am a nerd) and I wanted to share my thoughts, comments, likes etc with you all.

First and foremost I am a Twilight fan and I understand that these movies are made for the fans and for the people involved in this universe, that said, I loved Eclipse! I think it was a great adaptation of most people’s favorite book in the series.  Yes some things were left out but people remember the production teams only have about 2 hours to work with and not every single detail from a crazy long book can be squeezed into a 2 hour long book.  I think that overall the acting was better, there was more real humor and that the cast looked great.  There were some things that still came off cheesy to me and sometimes Edward was in some really random outfits (random tappered ankle windpants during the fight practice) but other than that I was pretty darn satisfied.

I think some of the best moments of Eclipse were there and accounted for.  The bed makeout scene, the proposal, the Jacob Kiss/Punch, The real Jacob Kiss, the battle etc.  Many people are hating on the end stating that Bella’s speech is really random and that it doesn’t end with Edward “wanting” Bella and essentially making out until the end of the book but I kind of liked the speech.  I think it was heartfelt and gave you some time to see inside Bella’s head rather than just seeing Edward and Bella make out again.

All in all I really liked it and I think that any true Twilight fan that says they don’t like it is lying

-Drama mama out 🙂