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Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks Make Awesome Gifts

5 Oct

4 years ago when Bailor was a baby I came across a great line of products called Stephen Jospeh.  They make all sorts of kids/toddler products from backpacks to water bottles to nap mats.  The best thing about these products is that they have the cutest prints and are perfect for monogramming.  Bailor had the quilted backpack in Pirate with his name monogrammed in Red on the flap…super cute and machine washable, the best.

Now that Luna is getting to that age where a full size diaper bag is not needed I started looking into these bags for her and I came across some of the cutest girl prints for Stephen Joseph bags that have all of the same features that I loved in the bag four years ago with updated modern designs for a little girl.  You can normally find these bags in specialty kids stores retailing for around $24 or so.  I am in love with the Owl and Cupcake Print for girls and I love the Farm print for boys.  There are tons of cute prints and color combos and all look super cute monogrammed.

If you are in the Central Louisiana area JoJo’s Flowers in Bunkie and Marksville carries them.  (Check out JoJo’s Flower’s facebook page for photos of their prints, don’t forget to tell them that Drama Filled Mama sent you!)

All in all great gift for birthdays or Christmas and I am sure that if you have a sewing machine that does small monograms that would work on these little backpacks.

-Drama mama out


Looking for Johnson’s Honey Apple Lotion

6 Jul

So Johnson’s came out with a new scent “Honey Apple” and it is amazing.  It is not too sweet it actually has a tart smell like green apples.  I bought the wash and I have been looking for the lotion and cannot find it anywhere.  Does anyone know where I can find it?

-Drama mama out 🙂

OPI nail polish…addicted

13 May

So recently I have become addicted to OPI nail polish.  I have never had long or pretty enough nails to paint so I never really got into the whole nail polish thing…Well when I was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins my nails grew and became harder so I decided to try it.

I am very big into accessorizing and making myself feel better with accessories b/c you know for a fat girl accessories always fit 🙂 So nail polish allows me to accessorize in a different way. OPI is not the cheapest nail polish it is usually about $7-$10 per bottle but it is worth it. There are so many cute colors and they go on really smooth especially for people like me that are not really good at painting nails and the colors last a long time without chipping.

Check out the OPI site..there is a really cool interactive tool that allows you to set your skin tone and nail shape and length and “try out” colors for you.  Kind of weird but fun! You can get to it by clicking on “Try it on”

I am addicted to “Barefoot in Barcelona” I wear it almost everyday…its a great neutral that goes with everything.  I also just purchased “Metro Chic” by OPI for Sephora….amazing I am in love with it… its a cool purply gray….check them out they are a great way to feel good about yourself while being chic and hip at the same time.

-Drama Mama Out 🙂