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Khloe Kardashian feels bullied by Perez Hilton

19 Oct

If you haven’t been under a rock lately you know about the “Trevor Project’s It Gets Better” movement where celebrities are creating messages about how life gets in better in support of LGBT youth.  Khloe created an “It gets better” video and it is really touching. Khloe brings up a great point that anyone can be bullied even celebrities. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is not true, words do hurt sometimes more than physical abuse.  We all need to remember what our words can do to others.

Remember that we are all people that deserve love and happiness and respect.  Wear purple tomorrow Oct 20th in support of ending hate.

-Drama mama out


Gay Teens and Bullying leads to Suicide

18 Oct

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If you are a parent you know that kids don’t know hate, they are taught to hate.  Kids don’t know that other people are poor, rich, gay, straight, ugly, pretty, skinny or fat, they are taught to notice those things and are taught to judge or hate based on those unchangeable elements of a person.  My goal as a parent is to raise kids that love and accept all people no matter what they believe or where they come from, I think that is the most important moral lesson you can teach a child or follow yourself.

Gay ridicule and discrimination has been an issue for all time but recently with more openly gay teens taunting and cyber bullying has reached an all time high.  This has to stop! Being a teenager is a tough time for anyone but being a Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered teenager adds a whole new element of difficulty to this portion of their lives. With the recent suicides of of many teens after enduring bullying and threats from their peers people should really open their eyes to what their closed mindedness does to others.

No matter what you believe, LGBT people are just that “people” with feelings, dreams ambitions just like everyone.  They don’t choose their sexual orientation just like you or I do not choose our race but they are ridiculed for something that they have no control over. Compassion and understanging is the best thing that people can share with others and with LGBT individuals and youth this can help more than you know.

Kids are coming out much earlier than they used to  which is great that they are comfortable enough to be themselves at a young age but sometimes this also causes unecessary bullying as well.  In September a 13 year old California boy hung himself from a tree after being continuously tanted and bullied about being gay.  This tragedy should not happen, a person, definitely not a child should not be harrased to a point that he feels the only way out is to end his life.

The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones will never hurt me” is a lie and people need to not underestimate the words that you say.  You never know how someone will take a comment or something you see as a joke!

So many celebrities are really advoating the cause of ending bullying and general gay awareness and support which is a great way to get the word out for the cause.  Lady Gaga is a huge gay advocate and her next albulm will be titled “We were born like this” which is a reference to  being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are. She is also a huge advocate for the reappeal of “Don’t ask Don’t Tell.” Take a look at some of the best celebrity videos for this cause donning the title “It gets better” which was started by “The Trevor Project” which is a 24 suicide hotline for LGBT youth.

If you want to support this cause you can go to Gay Rights website.  There are loads of information, resources and support for all.  Wendesday is a day to wear purple to end hate so don’t forget to pull out your purple ensemble and support this great cause.

-Drama mama urges all of you to love and teach love to your children!

Adult/Couples/Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

15 Sep

After my post a few weeks ago about kids Halloween costumes I got a request to do a post about Halloween costume suggestions and ideas for adults, couples and preggos so I decided to run with it.  The Most popular costumes this year will include Alice and Wonderland characters, Avatar characters and vampires a la Twilight Saga.

Adult/Slutty  – If you don’t want to be a “Slutty ________” then most online costume stores are not for you.  But if you do there are some really fun/sexy costumes if you have the body and money for them.  Some of my favorites include Rainbow Bright, Princess Jasmine and the Sailor but there are litterally 1000s of these types of costumes all over the internet…simply type Sexy Whateever you want to be” into a Google search and you will find what you are looking for. Also good news is that most of these types of places carry plus sized costumes now so if you are not a size 2, you can still look hot on Halloween.

I love the idea about really iconic costumes that people recognize put are not mass marketed, so you really stand out at a party b/c there is no one in the same costume.  I saw a cool costume for a Dharma Initiative Worker from Lost that was so great.  Making a Smruf/Smurfette costume would be really cute especially with the new movie coming out.  They have Smurf costumes online but they are kind of cheesy.  I also really like costumes that reference people from our generation would remember Doug Funnie, Rugrats, Wild and Crazy Kids etc.  can’t be originality

Couples – There are 100s of cliche costumes for couples, Ragedgy Ann and Andy, Salt and Pepper, Wilma and Fred Flinstone, but some of my favorites include really off the wall stuff, Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise would be great.  I also saw some funny gay couple costumes, The Ambiguously Gay Duo Ace and Gary Costume is great and would be sure to get you noticed at your party Mario and Luigi would also be great.  Forrest and I were Sweeny Todd and Ms. Lovett a few years ago, we made our costumes but now they offer costumes for it.  I wore a  beer maid costume and carried a rolling pin and Forrest wore a pair of gray suit paints, a pirate shirt, black pirate vest, black wig with white stripe but the bloddy towel in his belt made the costume.

Preggers – Having a great costume for Halloween while pregnant is a challenge. There are the cliche items, Bun in the oven, barefoot and pregnant, pregnant nun etc.  I would suggest painting your stomach to incorporate it into your costume if you can.  Many sites offer maternity Halloween costumes if you must but I would suggest being creative and making something yourself.  Parents magazine has a great article with ideas and real life photos that are great for inspiration.  The “mother of pearl” is to die for. But some of these “costumes” could be done really easily and inexpensively.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!!

-Drama mama out

To Die For: Posh Mommy 14K Gold Loop Necklace

10 Sep

Brooke Burke layering the 14K Gold Name Loop

I have been looking for a way to boast that I am a mom in a very subtle and still chic way.  Enter Posh Mommy Jewelry, this line of jewelry offers cool, hip mom jewelry that is not the cliche kid stick figures on a ball chain. Its really fashionable items that you can wear daily or layer with other peices that no one will know is “mom” jewelry unless they look closely.

My favorite has to to be the 14K gold Loop necklace.  It allows you to put info like names on the front and birth dates on the back.  I like the idea of layering this shorter necklace with other longer gold pieces that I wear on a normal basis for a cool layered look.  This site also offers other items like discs, tags, squares and more in both silver and gold.  The silver items are much cheaper coming in at around the $100 mark while the gold items are more around the $300-$400 mark.

This line also features men’s dog tags which are pretty cool for a dad that wants to show off his family in a cool hip way.  At first thought dad dog tags sounds a bit cheesy but these are ultra cool with a family crest and info like names/dates etc.

Posh Mommy Jewelry is everywhere, PEOPLE magazine, InSytle, US Weekly, and even the Guncles from Tori and Dean’s Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen were spotted wearing Posh Daddy dogtags, Check it out here.

These would make great birthing or baby shower gifts for someone special.  Tell Posh Mommy that Drama Filled Mama sent you.

-Drama mama out

New Movie: Easy A

6 Sep

If you haven’t heard there is a new movie coming out  called “Easy A” its the story of the Scarlett Letter in high school.  Seems like a really funny concept made funnier by a girl helping out her gay best friend by pretending to have sex with him at one of the school’s biggest parties.  She is then subject  to ridicule by the school’s religious groups and “good girls”and asked to help out all other guys needing the sort of reputation “help” that she can give.

The main character is acted by Emma Stone who is this quiry red head who is really funny.  I saw her previously in “The House Bunny” which I thought she was hilarious in.  Amanda Bynes, who was allegedly retired, also plays in his movie as the religious biggot girl.  If you don’t know Amanda Bynes is hilarious.  Check her out in “She’s the Man” based on Shakespeare‘s “Twelfth Night” one of the funniest movies! Lisa Kudrow also plays a smaller role in this movie…and you have to know that she is to die for funny.

Although this is a teen movie I am pretty pumped about it.  I think its going to be super funny and an overall good time.  We will see! it open on September 17th.  Hopefully Forrest will want to see it after I picked out “Vampires Suck” last time. 😦

Check out the trailer below

-Drama mama out

Anti-Gay Baton Rouge Granite Co. in Stone Age « RJW Blog

30 Aug

A friend of mine tipped me off to this article about a local Louisiana retailer in Baton Rouge refusing service to an openly gay couple.  This sort of story should open the eyes of any business owner that plans to commit such descrimiation to its customers.

Business owners need to remember that a customer is a customer and I wonder how this business would be boycotted if the owner refused on the basis of race, religious affliliation, gender or any other unchangeable trait possessed by a person which has no bearing on their purchase.

I ask that you retweet this article, share it on facebook and any other social media outlet you may use.

Anti-Gay Baton Rouge Granite Co. in Stone Age « RJW Blog.

Neil Patrick Harris To Become Father Of Twins! |

15 Aug

So amazing 🙂

Neil Patrick Harris To Become Father Of Twins! |