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Thursday…Amazing night on TV

14 May

So I am obsessed with Thursday night TV.  There are so many good shows and now that the seasons are coming to an end there are some amazing twists that I didn’t see coming.

Vampire Diaries – I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I didn’t see the Catherine thing coming at all I knew that she was going to come back but I didn’t see her killing the uncle.  Also I am a little shocked by the graphic nature of this episode on the CW..not that I am complaining.  Also I was kind of bummed when I realized it wasn’t really Elena kissing Damon they need to do something to spice up the relationship of Elena and Stephan its a bit boring now. Also the mayor’s son…Werewolf? If so that is going to be a bad Twilight copy but props to the writers for putting in a good twist at the last minute.

Grey’s Anatomy – Getting good….The Christina and Dr. Hunt thing, I am over it.  Also I am very excited to see Mark going back after Lexie.  I hope that that works out.  Also the Callie and Arizona story line, Arizona is being really selfish, how could she not want kids? I am really excited about next weeks 2 hour finale.  I have been waiting for the “meredith gets pregnant” storyline and I am excited to see how she and Derek handle it. Also the shooter in the hospital seems crazy as well.  If you haven’t seen the preview for next week you can check it out here:

Private Practice – All I can say is wow!!!! This week’s episode had many twists and turns.  I knew that Mya and her baby would be fine but the injury and crazy fast death of Dale….so unexpected.  I didn’t see that coming at all.  His daughter has got the crappiest luck and I feel so bad for her but good job for the writers throwing something in there that I am sure no one was expecting.  Anxious for next season.

-Drama Mama out