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Jerseylicious Cat Fight – Face Spitting, Hair Pulling Fun!

18 Oct

Jerseylicious on the style network is one of my new guilty pleasures.  It is a show following the stylists and makeup artists of a New Jersey Hair Salon, The Gatsby.  Along with all of the cliche big hair, overly tan and overly accessorized cast there is a major grudge between two of the girls, Olivia and Tracy.

The two normally fight over dating each others ex boyfriends but this week it came to a head when Tracy went over to Sonic, where Olivia was getting a drink and basically attacked her, spitting in her face, hitting her in the head, pulling her hair etc.  Basically trashy girl fight…one of the best kinds to watch, add in the oversized accessories and weave flying all over the place and this makes for great TV.

Check out the show it airs on the Style Network on Sundays.

-Drama mama out


New Favorite Things: Beauty: Eye Makeup

17 Sep

I LOVE makeup and the only thing that I love second to makeup is either finding expensive makeup for cheap prices or finding cheap makeup that seems expensive.  I have found both!!!

I came across a great palette of eye shadows on Sephora.com by Stila.  Sidenote- if you haven’t signed up for a Sephora Beauty insider account DO IT NOW! This is one online newsletter/buying rewards program that I would suggest.  Each 100 points ($1=1 point) you get the chance to redeem for a premium sample or you can bank your points and with each 500 points you earn you get a really great small sized product. You can read all of the info about becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider here.  Its really not difficult to earn points with all of the great products that they offer.  Anyway the eyeshadow palate.  Its a great compact of 3 full size Stila eye shadows called It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette – Warm containing Lamé (shimmering gold), Chloe (shimmering bronze), and the top-selling color Kitten (shimmering nude pink) and it was only $10.  You can purchase it here.

Second in my list is finding cheap makeup that seems like its expensive, Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies mascara.  I am always on the look out for great mascara.  I came across this mascara at a CVS for a replacement until I could get to the mall to purchase my normally pricey specialty mascara.  Well needless to say I didn’t need to go to spend the money on my normal mascara because I have found a new favorite.  This mascara has a slightly curvy brush and flexible head.  It allows you to reach all of your eyelashes and gives great coverage in one to two coasts which means that you are not stuck with tarantula eyelashes.

I Know all the Words shows the effect this mascara has on your actual lashes.  Check it out.

Do you know of any bargains or great drugstore brands? Share Please!

-Drama mama out!

OPI nail polish…addicted

13 May

So recently I have become addicted to OPI nail polish.  I have never had long or pretty enough nails to paint so I never really got into the whole nail polish thing…Well when I was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins my nails grew and became harder so I decided to try it.

I am very big into accessorizing and making myself feel better with accessories b/c you know for a fat girl accessories always fit 🙂 So nail polish allows me to accessorize in a different way. OPI is not the cheapest nail polish it is usually about $7-$10 per bottle but it is worth it. There are so many cute colors and they go on really smooth especially for people like me that are not really good at painting nails and the colors last a long time without chipping.

Check out the OPI site..there is a really cool interactive tool that allows you to set your skin tone and nail shape and length and “try out” colors for you.  Kind of weird but fun! You can get to it by clicking on “Try it on”

I am addicted to “Barefoot in Barcelona” I wear it almost everyday…its a great neutral that goes with everything.  I also just purchased “Metro Chic” by OPI for Sephora….amazing I am in love with it… its a cool purply gray….check them out they are a great way to feel good about yourself while being chic and hip at the same time.

-Drama Mama Out 🙂