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Kristen Stewart at the “Welcome to the Riley’s” Premiere

20 Oct

Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga Movies was recently in a film “Welcome to the Riley’s” with James Gandolfini.  This movie is about a young poor stipper named Mallory (best name ever) who lives in Louisiana and befriends a man who has lost his teenage daughter. All in all looks like a good movie, Stewart does her best work in these smaller dramatic independent films.

Anyway I had to show off these photos from her at the premiere.  She looks absolutely stunning in a one shoulder Vlentino lace dress and simple pumps.  Her makeup makes a great statement as well, she is rocking a messy version of the smokey eye which looks like a smokey brownish/black color simply smudged on the eye lid and a bold red lip.

Love it very impressive!

-Drama mama out


TROY JENSEN Kim Kardashian MakeUp Tutorial – Smokey Eye and Nude Lip

6 Oct

This is a great tutorial by TROY JENSEN for Kim Kardashian’s smokey eye and nude lip combo.  I was shocked to find a pallate of greys and purples…I would have thought he would have used standard blacks and greys.  Definitely going to try this look out b/c anything to make me look more like Kim Kardashian and I am going to try it LOL.

Look for a more budget friendly listing of products to achieve this look coming soon.

-Drama mama out

New Favorite Things: Beauty: Eye Makeup

17 Sep

I LOVE makeup and the only thing that I love second to makeup is either finding expensive makeup for cheap prices or finding cheap makeup that seems expensive.  I have found both!!!

I came across a great palette of eye shadows on by Stila.  Sidenote- if you haven’t signed up for a Sephora Beauty insider account DO IT NOW! This is one online newsletter/buying rewards program that I would suggest.  Each 100 points ($1=1 point) you get the chance to redeem for a premium sample or you can bank your points and with each 500 points you earn you get a really great small sized product. You can read all of the info about becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider here.  Its really not difficult to earn points with all of the great products that they offer.  Anyway the eyeshadow palate.  Its a great compact of 3 full size Stila eye shadows called It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette – Warm containing Lamé (shimmering gold), Chloe (shimmering bronze), and the top-selling color Kitten (shimmering nude pink) and it was only $10.  You can purchase it here.

Second in my list is finding cheap makeup that seems like its expensive, Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies mascara.  I am always on the look out for great mascara.  I came across this mascara at a CVS for a replacement until I could get to the mall to purchase my normally pricey specialty mascara.  Well needless to say I didn’t need to go to spend the money on my normal mascara because I have found a new favorite.  This mascara has a slightly curvy brush and flexible head.  It allows you to reach all of your eyelashes and gives great coverage in one to two coasts which means that you are not stuck with tarantula eyelashes.

I Know all the Words shows the effect this mascara has on your actual lashes.  Check it out.

Do you know of any bargains or great drugstore brands? Share Please!

-Drama mama out!

New Favorite Things : Beauty : Curls with Hot Rollers

8 Sep

I have posted “New Favorite Things” before but I have done one big posts with all sorts of new things that I am loving.  I am going to play around with a new idea of breaking up my favorite things into categories like beauty, fashion, kids, baby etc.  Hopefully that will make for easier viewing and shopping for you guys.

Today I am going to talk about my new favorite beauty items.These are all items that I recently bought to create those celebrity inspired curls/waves with less time involved.

Conair® Xtreme Instant™ Heat 20-Piece Ceramic Multi-Sized Roller Set – $34.99-39.99 I have long hair and I normally wear my hair straight due to time constraints but lately I have been feeling frumpy with my hair straight.  I feel like I am too old to pull off the straight hair look and I feel like by the end of the day my hair looks like its just hang around my face and I look “unkept”.  I love doing a vertical wave a la Kim Kardashian when I have time but I rarely do in the mornings.  I wanted a way to get a lifted look that made me look put together without taking up so much time in the mornings.  I decided to buy some new hot rollers to achieve the look I wanted on the time budget that I have.

I start with clean dry hair (For me its best to wash my hair the night before but for some with really thin hair you may need to wash in the morning) On my hair I spray on Tresemee Heat Protecting spray and a hair spray to add texture so that my hair isn’t too soft.  I start at the crown and roll back with the largest rollers.  I then move on to the sides with the medium sized rollers and roll back away from the face vertically.  I then move to the underneath or very bottom of my hair and I use the smallest of rollers still rolling out and away from my face.

I leave the rollers in for about 20 minutes until they are cool.  During this time I am able to put on my make up, get the kids dressed, fed etc rather than standing there holding a curling iron in my hair. Once cool i take the rollers out and simply shake my hair out.  I don’t run my fingers through my hair b/c mine will frizz.  I spray some hair spray and Trsesmee shine spray and go. The curls fall during the day but it gives me the wavy look that I love without so much work.

There are tons of roller sets out there.  I chose the Conair set b/c they got hot really fast and they had heated clips which I though was pretty cool.

TRESemme Smooth No Frizz Shine Spray, Ultra Light – $4-$5 You can find this shine spray at any drug store that carries Treemme products.  I purchased it to tame down frizz after hot rolling.  I like it so far, this is not a normal type of project that I buy as I have pretty fine straight hair and this would normally just make my hair oily but adding additonal heat and curl to my hair makes it a bit more frizzy so this product tones things down without adding on more weight.

This product would work really well for people with thicker coarser hair after flat ironing or on a day to day basis to add shine to you hair. It does smell really great and it makes my hair very silky and luxurious feeling as well. It uses silicone which is supposed to add shine and moisture without adding the look of “grease” View TRESemme’s full Smooth Line.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray – $5-$7 Before you use any hot tool (hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, rollers etc) its really smart to use some sort of heat protection spray or product, allowing the tool to interact with the product rather than just burning your hair right up.

Tresemme’s line of products are pretty good.  I like them because they offer a wide variety of items while keeping the price way down. Another great thing about this line is that they can be found all over, drugstores, Target etc.I use this spray before blow drying, flat ironing, hot rolling etc. It smells great and makes me feel good that I am protecting my hair. View Tresemme’s full Thermal Creations Line

TRESemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist HairSpray – $3-$4 I chose this hairspray for my celebrity curls/waves because I wanted something that was natural for everyday.  Normal hold hairspray can give you a cemented down look with no movement. This spray is super light and very flexible.  I like that it doesn’t leave buildup on your hair and allows you to use it multiple times in between washings without your hair becoming one big hard mess.

If you have a hard time keeping your hair curled you may need something a little more intense when it comes to hold as this is not the type of spray to really “freeze” your style.

Worried about your curls coming out looking 80s? I did too.  The last time I used a hot roller set was when I did pageants and I definitely didn’t want that look for everyday.  The look of your waves/curls all depends on the placement of your rollers.  There are some great tutorials on youtube.  These are the ones that I would suggest if you want a quick “How to” for setting your hair with rollers. Good Luck !

How To Tutorials

-Drama mama out 🙂

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-Drama mama out

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