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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Investigated for Domestic Abuse

20 Oct

Amber Portwood from MTV’sTeen Mom” has caught some major flack for beating the crap out of her overweight, teary eyed ex fiance twice removed, , Gary Shirley in front of the show’s cameras and her 2 year old daughter.  Apparently in Indiana where the couple lives domestic violence in front of a child is considered child neglect and is considrered a felony.  SNAP!

This isn’t the first shady thing Amber has done on the show, in Season 2 she began dating a guy she met at Wal Mart out of a work program from jail.  Reports also show that this live in boyfriend was a convicted sex offender for a previous count of child molestation. Sources also say that she may be pregnant again! OMG seriously this girl cannot handle one child let alone two. Time to grow up!

All I have to say is “Get your stuff together girl! You’re on MTV Stop doing stupid stuff that millions of people can see”

-Drama mama out


Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? : starcasm.net

13 Oct

If you watch Teen Mom you know the tradegdy that is Amber and Gary….but Amber starting dating a new guy last week and this week her beau that she met at Wal Mart, yes I said Wal Mart is living with her and her daughter.

After a little research I came across a few sites with lots of evidence that this guy is a convicted sex offender for child molestation.  If this is not a red flag for bad decisions on boyfriends I don’t know what is. 


PHOTOS Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? : starcasm.net.