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Great Kids/Baby Products

15 Jun

Suave Wacky Watermelon 3 in 1 – Shampoo Conditioner and Body Wash in 1.  This product has a great scent that is not overly perfume-y  but really fresh.  I use this product on my 4 year old who has sensitive skin and I have not seen any negative effects from it.  Its also very convenient b/c I only have to use one product.

Huggies Naturally Refreshing wipes in Cucumber and Green Tea – These wipes are the great quality (like all Huggies products) really thick and strong.  The scent smells great and is really fresh and clean and doesn’t come off generically baby.  It also works well on sensitive skin.

-Drama mama out


Huggies Denim Diaper…Diva has to have some!

1 Jun

So about a month ago on Ellen’s mother’s day episode she gave away the new Huggies limited edition denim diaper.  When I saw that I began scouring the earth for these diapers for my little diva (ok not the earth, huggies.com and ebay) and could not find them anywhere.  Well the looking over…I saw the funniest commercial for these diapers online the other day and now they are on sale everywhere…can’t wait to go an pick some up for my little diva 🙂

Check out the hilarious commercial below….let me know what you think

-Drama Mama out 🙂