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Kristen Stewart at the “Welcome to the Riley’s” Premiere

20 Oct

Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga Movies was recently in a film “Welcome to the Riley’s” with James Gandolfini.  This movie is about a young poor stipper named Mallory (best name ever) who lives in Louisiana and befriends a man who has lost his teenage daughter. All in all looks like a good movie, Stewart does her best work in these smaller dramatic independent films.

Anyway I had to show off these photos from her at the premiere.  She looks absolutely stunning in a one shoulder Vlentino lace dress and simple pumps.  Her makeup makes a great statement as well, she is rocking a messy version of the smokey eye which looks like a smokey brownish/black color simply smudged on the eye lid and a bold red lip.

Love it very impressive!

-Drama mama out


Twilight Stars in Louisiana to Begin Production on Breaking Dawn!

18 Oct

cited by hisgoldeneyes.com both Ashley Greene and Kristen Stewart have been comfrmed as being in Louisiana to start production on Breaking Dawn.  Hopefully this will give us the big boost in economy we always need.

-Drama mama out

“Vampires Suck” SUCKS!

20 Aug

I forced my husband to come with me to see “Vampires Suck” I thought that as a Twilight fan I would be able to appreciate all of the funny inside jokes those types of movies make but I was sadly mistaken and quite embarrased to be the one to have chosen the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, there were funny moments but most funny moments were already seen in the trailer.  Other jokes were just really awkward and just not really funny.

The actress playing Becca to Kristen Stewart’s Bella did a pretty good job mimicing KStew’s twitchiness, lip biting and frustrated studering.

All in all, don’t waste your money.

-Drama mama out

A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser

11 Jul

It’s confirmed….Baton Rouge…not the best place to choose in the state but we will take it.

A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser.

-Drama mama out

Some of “Breaking Dawn” will be shot in Louisiana says Wyck Godfrey…Exciting!

1 Jul

TWILIGHT Producer Wyck Godfrey TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWNClick here for the funniest movie of the week

Check out this video that I found on Hisgldenyes.com stating that about 1/2 of Breaking Dawn will be shooting in Louisiana.

Can’t wait to find out where.

-Drama mama out