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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Investigated for Domestic Abuse

20 Oct

Amber Portwood from MTV’sTeen Mom” has caught some major flack for beating the crap out of her overweight, teary eyed ex fiance twice removed, , Gary Shirley in front of the show’s cameras and her 2 year old daughter.  Apparently in Indiana where the couple lives domestic violence in front of a child is considered child neglect and is considrered a felony.  SNAP!

This isn’t the first shady thing Amber has done on the show, in Season 2 she began dating a guy she met at Wal Mart out of a work program from jail.  Reports also show that this live in boyfriend was a convicted sex offender for a previous count of child molestation. Sources also say that she may be pregnant again! OMG seriously this girl cannot handle one child let alone two. Time to grow up!

All I have to say is “Get your stuff together girl! You’re on MTV Stop doing stupid stuff that millions of people can see”

-Drama mama out


Montana Baby | outdoor newborn photography | Baby as Art

13 Oct

All Photography is owned by Baby As Art

One of my favorite things in this world are newborn photos.  These outdoor shots are absolutely stunning and took my breathe away.  I had to share.  I hope you guys enjoy.

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Montana Baby | outdoor newborn photography | Baby as Art.

-Drama Filled Mama

Stephen Joseph Quilted Backpacks Make Awesome Gifts

5 Oct

4 years ago when Bailor was a baby I came across a great line of products called Stephen Jospeh.  They make all sorts of kids/toddler products from backpacks to water bottles to nap mats.  The best thing about these products is that they have the cutest prints and are perfect for monogramming.  Bailor had the quilted backpack in Pirate with his name monogrammed in Red on the flap…super cute and machine washable, the best.

Now that Luna is getting to that age where a full size diaper bag is not needed I started looking into these bags for her and I came across some of the cutest girl prints for Stephen Joseph bags that have all of the same features that I loved in the bag four years ago with updated modern designs for a little girl.  You can normally find these bags in specialty kids stores retailing for around $24 or so.  I am in love with the Owl and Cupcake Print for girls and I love the Farm print for boys.  There are tons of cute prints and color combos and all look super cute monogrammed.

If you are in the Central Louisiana area JoJo’s Flowers in Bunkie and Marksville carries them.  (Check out JoJo’s Flower’s facebook page for photos of their prints, don’t forget to tell them that Drama Filled Mama sent you!)

All in all great gift for birthdays or Christmas and I am sure that if you have a sewing machine that does small monograms that would work on these little backpacks.

-Drama mama out

Great Baby Item – Especially for Baby High Chair Pad Cover

4 Oct

I had 2 kids and as you know for your first baby you have a shower and get loads of great expensive items.  By the time you have

This is the type of high chair that we have...we just replaced the cover and its as good as new

the second baby you are hoping that those big ticket items like bouncers, highchairs and strollers will last but today I found a great tool to repurpose a reused baby highchair and make it like new again. The Especially for Baby High Chair Pad Cover.

For our first child we got a Eddie Bauer wodden high chair thinking “Well its neutral and hopefully we can reuse it” and as soon as our 2nd child was ready to eat in the high chair we pulled it out of storage to find that the light colored vinyl seat cover was covered (no pun intended) in what looked like spagehtti stains….gross.  I started to panic, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find a replacement for a high chair that is over 4 years old.  So I put it out of my mind and thought maybe she won’t need the cover….boy was I wrong, I realized this when she reverse head butted the wodden back while eating.

Back of the cover

I headed to Babies R Us to see if they even made some sort of universal cover that would fit my perfectly good wooden high chair and they did.  This brand only comes in khaki (there are other brands that come in reversible styles with stripes/dots etc) which is not super cute but the good thing is that know my high chair fades into the background of my kitchen which is nice. Also this item was only $19.99 it is a vinyl material that can be wiped off and its super comfy and cooshy.  It will work with a high chair with a five point harness.  It also has a rounded top so I am guessing it will work with most main stream brands like Graco and Peg Perego.

Now Luna is cush and comfy in the kitchen while eating her Ella’s Kitchen and Plum Tots Organic baby food and my 4 year old high chair looks brand new and could easily be used for babies to come or be passed down.

-Drama mama out.

South Beach Diet – Day 1

27 Sep

So after a crazy wonderfully glutoneous weekend in New Orleans with my hubby we have started South Beach Diet.  I have been

No need to buy the book I checked mine out at my local library!

an avid Weight Watcher for years but had an epiphany last week and realized that I needed a plan that I was not familiar with so that I could be strict on myself and South Beach was my choice.  It’s kind of like Atkins with no carbs at first but it also focuses on low fat items so that you don’t die of a heart attack.

Here is my menu for the day.

Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs and 2 slices turkey bacon
Mid Morning Snack – Light String Cheese
Lunch – Salad with Grilled Chicken Bell Pepper, almonds, cheese and cucumber
Afternoon Snack – Almonds
Dinner – Mexican Chicken Soup (recipe coming soon)
Desert – Sugar Free Popsicle

I think I had a great day so far but we will see if I can stick to and keep it going.  I have another 13 days of phase1 , the strictest phase and I hope I make it and don’t bite someone’s head off due to lack of carbs.

If you know any good South Beach recipes or low carb tricks leave them in the comments. I found some amazing recipes on Check it out.

Wish me luck 🙂

-Drama mama out

Chic Dresses for Baby/Toddler

23 Sep

I am always on the lookout for really different, unique items for baby and I found a new love. Classy Sassy Girls on The main item showcased on this designer’s account is a rufflely girls dress but there are slight variations of the dress that are really stunning and would be great for photos or that special event.

My Favorites

Chiffon Rosette Dress – This dress is a one shoulder silhouette that is rarely seen in kids fashion and is totally unexpected.  This dress has sweet girly appeal while still being something chic and cool that mom would wear.  Its custom fit and can be made into a crazy amount of colors – $120.00

Ivory Chiffon Ruffle Dress – This dress reminds me of the flapper era in the 20s.  Its got a simple satin tank top with a chiffon ruffle bottom.  This dress as well is custom made to your measurements and can be made in almost any color.  This would be a great alternative to a cheesy off the rack flower girl dress and the bride would be guaranteed to love it – $120.00

Black and White Polka Dot Pettiskirt – While this is very cliche cute little girl it has a cool edge.  It’s made of a silk white and black polka dot fabric with a black chiffon like fabric underneath.  It could be paired with a dressier top and really made into an outfit for an event and would be great for photos.   – $70.00

Their models have really cute hair accessories and I looked all over the etsy site for the designer or a link to a person selling these bows/hair accessories but can’t find them 😦

Hope you like these items as much as I do

-Drama mama out

Winter Coats for Baby/Kids

20 Sep

A few weeks ago I did a post about winter hats for babies and it got such a great response that I thought giving you guys some great options for winter coats for your little ones might be as helpful.  Well I live in Louisiana so purchasing a winter coat for my kids usually doesn’t come until about December as it doesn’t “really” get cold here until January but there are lots of cute ones out there in all budgets.

Childrens Place Boy's Gray Pea CoatChildren’s Place – Girls Motorcycle Jacket.  For that tough little diva with a whole lot of attitude.  This jacket would look adorable paried with jeggings  or even a tutu and tights.  – $19.50 Probably not super warm though 🙂

Children’s Place – Boys Gray Pea Coat. This jacket is super cute and classic.  With its nice gray color it can be paired with so many things and gives your little guy some Edward Cullen appeal, as if he needed it 🙂 Its only $14.50 but there are limited quantities so you might need to hurry

Old Navy – Moleskin Military Coats. If you want your little diva to rock one of Old Navy Ruffle Coatthis falls hottest trends this coat is for her.  It comes in both Navy and Pink so that it can match any outfit.  The mitiltary button and strap detail across the front are super cute and really hip right now.  It’s only $20 b/c its on sale so I am sure there aren’t many left.

Old Navy – Ruffle Wool Blend Coats. If you want more of a traditional look for your little girl this ruffle collar coat has a very traditional “little girl” feeling while still being functional and cool.  It comes in hot pink and black and would look cute with jeans and boots or over her dressy Christmas dress.  At $39.50 it is a pricier option for Old Navy but really cute.

Old Navy Hooded Faux Leather Bomber JacketOld Navy – Hooded Faux Leather Bomber Jacket. Such a cute look for a little boy.  Not only will it look cute with his jeans and khakis this fall and winter its faux leather which means no stains and easy wipe off surface for you mom.  At $49.50 it is a bit pricey but it looks like it would be really warm.

Gap – Red Trench. This comes in both baby/toddler sizes and big girl sizes.  Its a cute cut and style and would work well with jeans and boots or with dresses and tights.  It may be a tough color to match however at it seems to be a more orangey red.

Also if you can sew there are some really cute patterns on Here are a few that I like.

Stylish Kids coat pattern, double breasted with peter pan collar.

Trendy Unisex Pea Coat – This could be made with so many cute fabric or lining choices…bringing something really simple and classic to super fun and unique.

-Drama mama out 🙂