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27 May

Nothing to say on this one except…are you kidding?


Cool Lady GAGA Covers

25 May

Below are some really cool Lady GAGA covers that I found. Hope you enjoy

-Drama Mama Out

My New Favorite Things

21 May

This is a list of a few of my new favorite things

Lady Speed Stick – Powder Scent…super cheap and super fresh I love it. The powder scent is really light so it doesn’t combat your perfume but you can definitely smell it.

Blue Bunny Caramel Praline Crunch Frozen Yogurt – This stuff is the best! It is really rich and creamy and has a great texture with a salty caramel swirl.  It is only 2 Weight Watchers pts per serving and totally worth every bit.

Sephora Metallic Eyeliner in Bronze – I love this liner! It lasts all day, it doesn’t smudge and it looks great will all earth tone eye shadows.

-Drama Mama out


21 May

So I am going camping this weekend…I am a little worried b/c I have these ideas of being in the outdoors and suddenly a crazy guy with a hockey mask and huge machete is running after you while you try to helplessly get away when suddenly your bathing suit top falls off!

No all joking aside I have never been the outdoors type.  I hate getting hot or dirty but I am going to be a good sport about this and I am really excited to spend the weekend relaxing with my family and my little chickadees….

-Drama Mama out

Weight Watchers is doing J-Hud’s body good!

18 May

Jennifer Hudson is Weight Watchers new spokeswomen and she looks amazing.  Hopefully I can look like this soon 🙂

-Drama Mama Out

Bangle Bracelets….dangerous to motorists

18 May

Ok so last week I was driving and wearing multiple bangle bracelets as I always do when suddenly my bangles connected to the underneath of my cruise control button on my steering wheel.  I PANICKED.  I was in the middle of a major intersection with my arm tied to my steering wheel rendering me helpless and a danger to myself and my fellow motorists.  I RIPPED my arm away from my steering wheel as qucickly as I could and in the sudden movement the cruise control button came completely off of my steering wheel.

Very greatful that I survived the incident I replaced the button and it seemed to have caused no damage until……today when I went to use my cruise control on the interstate and it DOESN’T WORK! This is a major problem now b/c without my cruise control I SPEED.  So what’s more of a danger wearing accessories while driving or speeding…I guess we will never know.

-Drama mama out

You know you’re old when…..

18 May

the radio’s “way back” program plays songs that you LOVED in high school and you totally rock them in your car

you get ma’am in the grocery store by a teenage boy that looks younger than you

you don’t get carded anymore…not even at the grocery store 😦

when someone addresses your name “Mrs.” (I don’t care if you are married this is an insult)

Put your own “you know you’re old when” moments in the comments.  I would love to know when you feel old.

-Drama Mama out