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Kim & Reggie, Together Again??? |

11 Oct

Could it be?? Check out the story below on Perez about the gossip that these two may be getting back together.  Not gonna lie kinda hoping so 🙂 We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


Kim & Reggie, Together Again??? |


FitPerez – New site by Perez

4 Oct

Check out Perez Hilton’s new site about health, wellness, fitness and celebrities!


Do you have a thing for Owls?…We do!

4 Oct

Owls are hot this season whether its in home decor or woman’s apparel and accessories or children’s items, they are every and in every shape and size. I for one have a huge things for owls, they can look mean and mysterious sometimes and then down right cute and quirky the next.  Don’t be afraid you can fit these cool items into any decor whether you are super traditional or modern and edgy. Here are a few of my favorite Owl items for home decor, apparel/accessories and kids this season.

Home Decor – From lamps to trivets to great figurines these are some of my favorite owl items for home.

Kids Apparel/Costumes/Toys/Accessories – These are some of my favorite kid items relating to owls. There are great toys and costumes and even decor for nursery. Enjoy

Gap Owl print long sleep set, $25
Funky Owl Plastic Cuff Bangle (Pink, Black & Beige), 20 GBP
Loop Design The Laminated Cosmetic Pencil Case in Green Owl,…, $5
DwellStudio Owls 4 Piece Bedding Set –, $360 Circo® Love & Nature Owl Pillow – 12×13″: Kitchen &…, $40
PLASTICLAND – Set of 3 Retro Owl Magnets & TackTile Note Board, $24
Pink Wise Owl Wall Hooks
Owl Costume | Pottery Barn Kids, $49
Chronicle Books Little Pea, Hoot, Oink Board Book Set, $20
Owl Treat Bag | Pottery Barn Kids, $14
Zoo Lunchbag – Owl |, $13
Strawberry Fool – Owl Rattle – Pink, 7.99 GBP
owl muffin
Organized new line 8-26-10 –
Organized new line 8-26-10 –
Beatrix Big Kid Pack Papar the Owl
Wise Owl Baby Shower Invitations – pink
GymboFriends Gymboree Archive – Gymboree Fall Homecoming – Owl Jean -…
Sdraietta Chicco Mia Mrs Owl

Apparel and Accessories – There are many great owl inspired jewelry pieces.  Here are a few of my favorite garments and accessories inspired by the mysterious owl.

Hope you enjoy incorporating these mysterious creatures into your daily life through fashion, accessories, home decor and into your little ones items.  I love this trend and incorporating it in small items allows you to add quirkiness to your look or your home’s look without being overly trendy.

-Drama mama out

South Beach Diet Days 2 & 3 Still making it

29 Sep

So I am still making it on South Beach Phase 1. Not gonna lie its getting kind of tough. I want something sweet 😦

Yesterday I had
Scrambled Egg with Turkey Bacon
Leftover Mexican Soup
Grilled Chicken and Asparagus with Lemon and Garlic

Today I had
Egg and Turkey Bacon
Jason’s Deli Salad with lots of artichokes and cucumbers
Pork with white beans and sausage
Sugar Free Popscicle

I am going to bed now so I am not tempted to eat sweets.

Any suggestions on breakfast ideas without eggs?


7 Sep

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions = Crazy amount of Prescriptions

25 Aug

So I am having my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow, all 4 of them.  This is something that I have been putting off and dreading since college.  I finally decided to do it becuase they have been KILLING me.

I was absolutely alarmed by how many prescrtiptions I had to pick up today.  My kitchen cabinet looks like a pharmacy! I have never had to really take medication other than simple antibiotics so this is out of the ordinary for me.

Wish me luck!

-Drama mama out

The World Would Be a Better Place If…

24 Jul

we would all love each other as children do. Children have the best outlook on people. They don’t know that certain races, people of sexual orientation etc are different and they treat them just as they would anyone else because they don’t know any better. We should all act this way and treat other as if we were children with blinders on, not knowing to treat others differently for reasons beyond our control.

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