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Lunch Break Shopping – October Week 1

7 Oct

So I am a self admitted shop a holic and there is nothing better than shopping during your lunch break.  Not only do you get to get out of the office for a fun activity but it feels like you have some really time off.  I am a quick shopper and this is why lunch break shopping works for me but if you are a tentative shopper, examining all of your purchases, evaluting etc this will not work for you.

Monday October 4th I went to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some elastic for a tutu that I am making for Luna Jane ( tutorial on this coming soon) and I found so many great Fall home items as amazing prices.

My Favorites are

White 10″ Funkin – such a cute different spin on Pumpkins.  The best thing about this pumpkin is that it is carvable but it would be great uncarved as a fall decoration that can stay up until Thanksgiving.  I think this would look great with other gourds of different sizes piled in the middle of a dining room table.  Different and Chic – $9.99

Holiday Inspirations-31.5″ Stacked Pumpkin Door Greeter – I actually purchases the Turkey version of this door hanger (not available online :() but these quilted door hangers are a really cute alternative to a fall wreath.  – $7.49 at that price who can resist.  These came in multiple different designs, haunted houses, pumpkins and turkeys

Scarecrow on a Stake – These are not available online but in the store they have lots of really cute scarecrows in many different designs that are on a stake that would look really cute in a garden or in a pot of mums.  They were on sale for $4.99 which is just crazy

All in all I was very shocked and surprised and my finds at Jo Ann fabrics, you should check it out…it is not just for people who sew or old ladies 🙂

Wednesday October 6th – I was supposed to go and return some horrendously unflattering sweaters at Old Navy during my break but I decided to go to the mall instead.  I went to:

Forever 21 which is one of my fave stores for accessories and super trendy items.  This shopping trip I was on the lookout for basic items for layering and new accessories. These are the items that i found

Basic V Neck Long Sleeve and Short sleeve tees for layering in black and white – these are great under long cardigans, shrugs jackets etc.  You can’t have a great look without a good foundation and these are essential.  They are super cheap ($4.80 to $6.80) and come in lots of colors

Sweet Flower Beanie – This was one trend that I thought I could not pull off but I was mistaken.  It looks super cute when I tried it on in the store I had curls that day that I did with hot rollers. – $6.80

Leopard Lint Roller – I couldn’t resist and at only $2.50 what a great find

Filigrie Stapler – This is such a cute item and it is pretty heavy so it doesn’t seem like it will break very easily.  I definitely have the cutest stapler in the office now – $3.80 This would make a super cute gift as well.

Bejeweled Tweezers – These are absolutely to die for.  Such a cute item and only $1.80! I can’t even get a soda for that price.  I bought a few pairs for little Christmas surprises.  Really cute impulse buy but they kind of hurt your fingers if you hold them a certain way.

On my way out of the mall I couldn’t help but stop in at Sephora as well.  I can’t ever go into the mall without walking in and I needed a few things. Here is what I got

Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Midnight Black and Chocolate – $5 These little eyeliners are great for your lower eye.  I only wear liquid eyeliner on top so these look really smokey and smudgey on bottom which I love.

Sephora Mono Eyeshahow in dark brown $12 – These eyeshadows are a great value.  They last forever and they stay on well during the day.  I would suggest against any of the ones with the silver glitter, it falls under your eyes and looks like you have intentionally put glitter under your eyes…not a good look unless your are 13 in the 90s. This would be a great start to try out a smokey eye if you are not a fan of black smokey eyes.  Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist did a great tutorial on how to achieve a smokey eye and you could use the concept with brown tones as well for a sexy subdued look.

Sephora Blush me Mono in Apricot – $12 This blush is great for the price the only issue I have is that its a little glittery…I kind of feel like I am back in the days of body glitter

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer – $21 I know a little pricey but I just started getting breakouts on my chin…I know what is that about! So I asked the consultant what would be a good concealer to use, she suggested this one b/c it has salicylic acid in which is a huge acne fighter so we will see if this clears my breakouts while covering them up too

Hope you enjoyed the reviews of the products I bought while out and about on my lunch break…I guess I get around to returning those sweaters one day 🙂

-Drama mama out


New Favorite Things: Beauty: Eye Makeup

17 Sep

I LOVE makeup and the only thing that I love second to makeup is either finding expensive makeup for cheap prices or finding cheap makeup that seems expensive.  I have found both!!!

I came across a great palette of eye shadows on Sephora.com by Stila.  Sidenote- if you haven’t signed up for a Sephora Beauty insider account DO IT NOW! This is one online newsletter/buying rewards program that I would suggest.  Each 100 points ($1=1 point) you get the chance to redeem for a premium sample or you can bank your points and with each 500 points you earn you get a really great small sized product. You can read all of the info about becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider here.  Its really not difficult to earn points with all of the great products that they offer.  Anyway the eyeshadow palate.  Its a great compact of 3 full size Stila eye shadows called It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette – Warm containing Lamé (shimmering gold), Chloe (shimmering bronze), and the top-selling color Kitten (shimmering nude pink) and it was only $10.  You can purchase it here.

Second in my list is finding cheap makeup that seems like its expensive, Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies mascara.  I am always on the look out for great mascara.  I came across this mascara at a CVS for a replacement until I could get to the mall to purchase my normally pricey specialty mascara.  Well needless to say I didn’t need to go to spend the money on my normal mascara because I have found a new favorite.  This mascara has a slightly curvy brush and flexible head.  It allows you to reach all of your eyelashes and gives great coverage in one to two coasts which means that you are not stuck with tarantula eyelashes.

I Know all the Words shows the effect this mascara has on your actual lashes.  Check it out.

Do you know of any bargains or great drugstore brands? Share Please!

-Drama mama out!

SEPHORA by OPI at Sephora : New Rocker Chic Collection

27 Aug

Sephora came out with their new OPI line of nail polishes called Rocker Chic…I am loving “Studs and Stilettos and Do I know you.

SEPHORA by OPI at Sephora.

My New Favorite Things

21 May

This is a list of a few of my new favorite things

Lady Speed Stick – Powder Scent…super cheap and super fresh I love it. The powder scent is really light so it doesn’t combat your perfume but you can definitely smell it.

Blue Bunny Caramel Praline Crunch Frozen Yogurt – This stuff is the best! It is really rich and creamy and has a great texture with a salty caramel swirl.  It is only 2 Weight Watchers pts per serving and totally worth every bit.

Sephora Metallic Eyeliner in Bronze – I love this liner! It lasts all day, it doesn’t smudge and it looks great will all earth tone eye shadows.

-Drama Mama out

OPI nail polish…addicted

13 May

So recently I have become addicted to OPI nail polish.  I have never had long or pretty enough nails to paint so I never really got into the whole nail polish thing…Well when I was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins my nails grew and became harder so I decided to try it.

I am very big into accessorizing and making myself feel better with accessories b/c you know for a fat girl accessories always fit 🙂 So nail polish allows me to accessorize in a different way. OPI is not the cheapest nail polish it is usually about $7-$10 per bottle but it is worth it. There are so many cute colors and they go on really smooth especially for people like me that are not really good at painting nails and the colors last a long time without chipping.

Check out the OPI site..there is a really cool interactive tool that allows you to set your skin tone and nail shape and length and “try out” colors for you.  Kind of weird but fun! You can get to it by clicking on “Try it on”

I am addicted to “Barefoot in Barcelona” I wear it almost everyday…its a great neutral that goes with everything.  I also just purchased “Metro Chic” by OPI for Sephora….amazing I am in love with it… its a cool purply gray….check them out they are a great way to feel good about yourself while being chic and hip at the same time.

-Drama Mama Out 🙂