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Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? : starcasm.net

13 Oct

If you watch Teen Mom you know the tradegdy that is Amber and Gary….but Amber starting dating a new guy last week and this week her beau that she met at Wal Mart, yes I said Wal Mart is living with her and her daughter.

After a little research I came across a few sites with lots of evidence that this guy is a convicted sex offender for child molestation.  If this is not a red flag for bad decisions on boyfriends I don’t know what is. 


PHOTOS Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? : starcasm.net.


Florence and The Machine : New Favorite Things: Music

22 Sep

The first time I heard Florence and the Machine‘s music was on the “Twilight Saga : Eclipse” soundtrack when it came out this summer. The song “Heavy in your Arms” immediately had me hook and I was immediately captivated by her beautifully unique voice and listened to the song over and over.

I then saw a video for “Dog Days are Over” and was completely paralyzed in front of the TV.  This video epitomizes what good music videos are, amazing music with great wardrobe, hair, makeup, choreography and very visually dynamic and appealing.

The next step in my possession was seeing her perform on the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and the only words that I can force out are “WOW” Not only did she really sing but her hair, wardrobe, choreography and state presence were stunning and absolutely bewitching.  I liked the performance even more after hearing that So You Think You Can Dance‘s Travis Wall did the choreogrphy.  If you haven’t seen any of his work, check him out, even if you don’t normally like contemporary dance because he is a true artist in what he does.

Heavy In Your Arms Official Music Video

2010 VMA Performance “Dog Days are Over”

Florence and the Machine are also going to be at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans Halloween Weekend.  It is going to be amazing.

-Drama mama out

Melissa and Joey…funny show but ill fitting pencil skirts!

18 Sep

If you guys haven’t checked it out there is a new show on ABC Family called “Melissa and Joey” with Melissa Joan Hart and joey Lawrence.  The show follows Melissa, a council women taking care of her teenage neice and nephew and Joey who is her nanny.  Its a standard cheesy family sitcom, not the best acting but overall pretty funny show.

The thing that I cannot get over is Melissa Joan Hart’s wardrobe, she is constantly put in pencil skirts and super tight dresses that accentuate her “pooch” I wish i could say that I don’t have a pooch and look great in pencils and tight fitting dresses but lets admit it two kids and a few too many double cheesburgers and I need some control in the lower belly area.

The wardrobe department on the show needs to get it together and get Joan Hart some spanks asap.  Not hating on Melissa becuase its great to see a woman with a “real” body on TV but the wardrobe department’s job is to make her look her best and they are failing miserably.

Check out the show though…pretty funny and overall feel good show which is pretty hard to come by.

-Drama mama out

Best VMA Performances of All Time!!

12 Sep

Brittney Spears – I’m a Slave for you

Lady Gaga – Paparazi

Kayne West – Jesus Walks – He is a total douche now but this was amazing

Rhianna – Disurbia

More Fall TV Info

7 Sep

In response to my post last week about new Fall TV I found a great resource on Hollywood.com.  Even though they have some in my list in their “Most Likely to Fail” category they have some great info and lists of new fall shows that may help you build your DVR schedule for the fall.

Check it out.

-Drama mama out

Command PR – They need me

6 Sep

For you who don’t know me, I am a “people person” as cliche as that can sound its true. I love being in a group of people with lots of conversation and mingling.  I graduated in Mass Communications/Broadcasting knowning that I would use my talents of communication to land a job doing anything and everything that allowed me to be myself and use my skills as a commuicator and a people person.

I landed a job as an Account Manager at a very successful website development firm doing what I know and love, buidling relationships with my clients and “taking care” of them on a daily basis. I am able to learn new things everyday while engaging people and being engaged by the people that I meet.

I am a TV junkie and have known about Jonathan Cheban for years via the Kardashains. I caught an episode at “The Spin Crowd” on E and I am hooked.  The show follows Jonathon’s PR firm “Command PR” in LA and its an amazing show, enthralling, cut throat and a bit scandalous.  The first episode that I caught was about Jonathon setting up an appointment for one of his new associates to get lip injections.  The girl was terrified and in the end didn’t get the injections but man…all I gotta say, your boss is offering paid for cosmetic enhancements…take it, not to sound shallow but you work with celebrities in Hollywood, GO FOR IT!

I am really excited about this show and what it has to offer. I love what I do but Jonathon…give me a shout and I can loose 100 lbs and be out to LA in a day 🙂

-Drama mama out

New Fall TV

3 Sep

As fall approaches  the excitement builds for new fall TV shows.  I am a huge TV junkie and one thing that really says fall to me is TV, along with pumpkin spice candles and Halloween of course.  There has been a real lack of promos on TV this summer for new seasons of my favorite shows and even promos for new shows…..where are the dramatic promos?

Returning Shows

Grey’s Anatomy -Last season ended with a dramatic 2 hour finale with a serial shooter on the loose in Seattle Grace Hospital, Meredith having a miscarriage and Derek being shot.  There should be loads to follow up on in the new season…it should be pretty exciting. The new season airs on Sept 23rd

Vampire Diaries – The last we saw Katherine (who we thought was Elena at the time) chop off her uncle’s ring finger in the kitchen….huge twist! I am really excited for this show to start again.  I read the books while the show was on hiatus and I even wrote about them in Vampire Diaries….So ready for them to be over but man was i disappointed at the books.  This has to be one show that I can honestly say the TV version is much better than the books.  Hopefully the new season will not disappoint.

90210 – The last I remember was that there was some major drama with Annie and her murder secret, other than that the season finale of this show was pretty forgettable.  This may be a show to drop from my list this year…time will tell.

Glee – Season 2 begins on Sept 21st and I am really excited about this.  Season 1 was really great and has to be one of the best shows out there right now.  I would even say that Glee is one of the best TV shows of its time.  I’m sure the new season will be just as fun, heartwarming and full of talent as the first season and this season will feature a Brittney Spears episode and John Stamos will guest star…how can you go wrong.

Dancing with the Stars – I have never really been a fan of this show but this season with Audrina Patridge, Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey and more I may have to give in and watch….we will see.

New 2010 Premieres

Mike and Molly – This looks like a feel good happy go lucky sitcom about an overweight couple.  This will be something new for me as I haven’t followed a non dramatic sitcom in a while.  It will air Mondays on CBS and I am looking forward to the 30 minute format as that is something that you miss with dramas.

Lone Star – This show is airing on Fox Sept 20th.  Its about a con man living 2 different lives in Texas. Looks kind of interesting and different.

My Generation – This is the one that I am really excited for.  Its a drama about a bunch of people in their late twenties and what has happened since high school.  Read a full description about My Generation here.

There are lots of other shows out there.  these are just a few that I am excited to see and get into.  What new shows are you looking forward to?