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Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls

19 Oct

Some of these celebrity look at like dolls are a little scary but overall pretty fun.  check them out 🙂

Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls.


Chic Dresses for Baby/Toddler

23 Sep

I am always on the lookout for really different, unique items for baby and I found a new love. Classy Sassy Girls on The main item showcased on this designer’s account is a rufflely girls dress but there are slight variations of the dress that are really stunning and would be great for photos or that special event.

My Favorites

Chiffon Rosette Dress – This dress is a one shoulder silhouette that is rarely seen in kids fashion and is totally unexpected.  This dress has sweet girly appeal while still being something chic and cool that mom would wear.  Its custom fit and can be made into a crazy amount of colors – $120.00

Ivory Chiffon Ruffle Dress – This dress reminds me of the flapper era in the 20s.  Its got a simple satin tank top with a chiffon ruffle bottom.  This dress as well is custom made to your measurements and can be made in almost any color.  This would be a great alternative to a cheesy off the rack flower girl dress and the bride would be guaranteed to love it – $120.00

Black and White Polka Dot Pettiskirt – While this is very cliche cute little girl it has a cool edge.  It’s made of a silk white and black polka dot fabric with a black chiffon like fabric underneath.  It could be paired with a dressier top and really made into an outfit for an event and would be great for photos.   – $70.00

Their models have really cute hair accessories and I looked all over the etsy site for the designer or a link to a person selling these bows/hair accessories but can’t find them 😦

Hope you like these items as much as I do

-Drama mama out

Looking for Johnson’s Honey Apple Lotion

6 Jul

So Johnson’s came out with a new scent “Honey Apple” and it is amazing.  It is not too sweet it actually has a tart smell like green apples.  I bought the wash and I have been looking for the lotion and cannot find it anywhere.  Does anyone know where I can find it?

-Drama mama out 🙂

New Miss USA Is Michigan!!!

16 May

Ok so first off I loved Michigan from the first time that I saw her. Beautiful, exotic and spunky.  Lots of people don’t like her but I am in love…I think her answer was kind of random but also the question was really random…Should birth control be offered through insurance? She looked beautiful in her white evening gown and was the only brunette in the top 5 which seems a bit odd to me as I didn’t feel that the blonds were really the front runners.  I think she will do very well at Universe and she is the prettiest Miss USA we have had in a long time.

-Drama Mama Out.