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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Investigated for Domestic Abuse

20 Oct

Amber Portwood from MTV’sTeen Mom” has caught some major flack for beating the crap out of her overweight, teary eyed ex fiance twice removed, , Gary Shirley in front of the show’s cameras and her 2 year old daughter.  Apparently in Indiana where the couple lives domestic violence in front of a child is considered child neglect and is considrered a felony.  SNAP!

This isn’t the first shady thing Amber has done on the show, in Season 2 she began dating a guy she met at Wal Mart out of a work program from jail.  Reports also show that this live in boyfriend was a convicted sex offender for a previous count of child molestation. Sources also say that she may be pregnant again! OMG seriously this girl cannot handle one child let alone two. Time to grow up!

All I have to say is “Get your stuff together girl! You’re on MTV Stop doing stupid stuff that millions of people can see”

-Drama mama out


Jerseylicious Cat Fight – Face Spitting, Hair Pulling Fun!

18 Oct

Jerseylicious on the style network is one of my new guilty pleasures.  It is a show following the stylists and makeup artists of a New Jersey Hair Salon, The Gatsby.  Along with all of the cliche big hair, overly tan and overly accessorized cast there is a major grudge between two of the girls, Olivia and Tracy.

The two normally fight over dating each others ex boyfriends but this week it came to a head when Tracy went over to Sonic, where Olivia was getting a drink and basically attacked her, spitting in her face, hitting her in the head, pulling her hair etc.  Basically trashy girl fight…one of the best kinds to watch, add in the oversized accessories and weave flying all over the place and this makes for great TV.

Check out the show it airs on the Style Network on Sundays.

-Drama mama out

Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? :

13 Oct

If you watch Teen Mom you know the tradegdy that is Amber and Gary….but Amber starting dating a new guy last week and this week her beau that she met at Wal Mart, yes I said Wal Mart is living with her and her daughter.

After a little research I came across a few sites with lots of evidence that this guy is a convicted sex offender for child molestation.  If this is not a red flag for bad decisions on boyfriends I don’t know what is. 


PHOTOS Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? :

How to Rock: Military Style

30 Sep

If you have looked in any magazine lately you will know that military styled apparel and accessories are really hot right now.  This style is something that I really like, not b/c of the overbearing authority of the military (I mean really who is not gonna let the gays in?? That’s another post) but becuase it incorporates some of my favorite things, neutrals and earthy colors like browns, tans, greens etc and it allows for really unexpected combos like super “hard” structured jackets paired with dresses or dresses paired with comabat boots and so on.  I hope you like the two looks that I have put together but some of your best best for great military peices will be Forever 21, Wet Seal,Urban Outfitters etc.

Dress – Wet Seal Military Tube Dress- $25
Shoes – Wet Seal Chain Heel Bootie– $35
Earrings – ASOS Military Style Vintage Stud Earrings – $10
Bracelet – Fossil Button Cluster Bracelet – $75
Gloves – Burberry Leather Military Gloves – $325
Bag – YSL Le 6 Bag in Industrial Rubber in Camel – $1295
Makeup – Mac Eyeshadow x 4 in Burmese Beauty – $36

A lot of the items listed above are really military so if you are not quite sure of the trend mix one military item like the dress with bronze shoes you already own and some simple bangles.  Or make this dress more casual with a cute denim or canvas fitted jacket and boots.  Also you may notice that some of the these items are not budget friendly and fit into the “To Die for” category…I couldn’t resist on the gloves and bag! Also these peices would look great with other items in your wardrobe making the simplist white T suddenly tough and hard by adding these stud earrings and a bronze smoky eye with the Mac shadows.  The sky is the limit and these are all great peices that could easily be worked into your current wardrobe and last until a later season when “military” is not the “in” thing anymore.

Jacket – Wet Seal Faux Leather Military Jacket – $24.99
Tank Top – Scoop Front Tank by Top Shop in Peach – $12
Jeans – LEVI’S 524 Too Superlow Womens Skinny Jeans – $40
Shoes – No longer available
Earrings – Fossil Button Coil Earrings – $24
Nail Polish – OPI nail polish in Tickle My France-Y – $3-$9

I love this casual look.  I decided to pair peach tones in the tank and nail polish to add a bit more feminity to the look.  The jacket is a steal for the rich look and cool appeal that comes along with it.  Even if your not into the military look this jacket paired with a white V neck T and boots would be stunning on any day.  You could also pair this jacket with more standard accessories like plain leather boots and gold jewelry to tone down the military style in the look.

Hope you venture out to work one of this season’s greatest trends into your wardrobe

-Drama mama out

Florence and The Machine : New Favorite Things: Music

22 Sep

The first time I heard Florence and the Machine‘s music was on the “Twilight Saga : Eclipse” soundtrack when it came out this summer. The song “Heavy in your Arms” immediately had me hook and I was immediately captivated by her beautifully unique voice and listened to the song over and over.

I then saw a video for “Dog Days are Over” and was completely paralyzed in front of the TV.  This video epitomizes what good music videos are, amazing music with great wardrobe, hair, makeup, choreography and very visually dynamic and appealing.

The next step in my possession was seeing her perform on the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and the only words that I can force out are “WOW” Not only did she really sing but her hair, wardrobe, choreography and state presence were stunning and absolutely bewitching.  I liked the performance even more after hearing that So You Think You Can Dance‘s Travis Wall did the choreogrphy.  If you haven’t seen any of his work, check him out, even if you don’t normally like contemporary dance because he is a true artist in what he does.

Heavy In Your Arms Official Music Video

2010 VMA Performance “Dog Days are Over”

Florence and the Machine are also going to be at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans Halloween Weekend.  It is going to be amazing.

-Drama mama out

Melissa and Joey…funny show but ill fitting pencil skirts!

18 Sep

If you guys haven’t checked it out there is a new show on ABC Family called “Melissa and Joey” with Melissa Joan Hart and joey Lawrence.  The show follows Melissa, a council women taking care of her teenage neice and nephew and Joey who is her nanny.  Its a standard cheesy family sitcom, not the best acting but overall pretty funny show.

The thing that I cannot get over is Melissa Joan Hart’s wardrobe, she is constantly put in pencil skirts and super tight dresses that accentuate her “pooch” I wish i could say that I don’t have a pooch and look great in pencils and tight fitting dresses but lets admit it two kids and a few too many double cheesburgers and I need some control in the lower belly area.

The wardrobe department on the show needs to get it together and get Joan Hart some spanks asap.  Not hating on Melissa becuase its great to see a woman with a “real” body on TV but the wardrobe department’s job is to make her look her best and they are failing miserably.

Check out the show though…pretty funny and overall feel good show which is pretty hard to come by.

-Drama mama out

Best VMA Performances of All Time!!

12 Sep

Brittney Spears – I’m a Slave for you

Lady Gaga – Paparazi

Kayne West – Jesus Walks – He is a total douche now but this was amazing

Rhianna – Disurbia