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Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls

19 Oct

Some of these celebrity look at like dolls are a little scary but overall pretty fun.  check them out 🙂

Perez Gallery – Celebrity Dolls.


A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser

11 Jul

It’s confirmed….Baton Rouge…not the best place to choose in the state but we will take it.

A big break | theadvertiser.com | The Advertiser.

-Drama mama out

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse…My Review

6 Jul

So I went to see Eclipse for the midnight showing on Tuesday the 29th ( I know I am a nerd) and I wanted to share my thoughts, comments, likes etc with you all.

First and foremost I am a Twilight fan and I understand that these movies are made for the fans and for the people involved in this universe, that said, I loved Eclipse! I think it was a great adaptation of most people’s favorite book in the series.  Yes some things were left out but people remember the production teams only have about 2 hours to work with and not every single detail from a crazy long book can be squeezed into a 2 hour long book.  I think that overall the acting was better, there was more real humor and that the cast looked great.  There were some things that still came off cheesy to me and sometimes Edward was in some really random outfits (random tappered ankle windpants during the fight practice) but other than that I was pretty darn satisfied.

I think some of the best moments of Eclipse were there and accounted for.  The bed makeout scene, the proposal, the Jacob Kiss/Punch, The real Jacob Kiss, the battle etc.  Many people are hating on the end stating that Bella’s speech is really random and that it doesn’t end with Edward “wanting” Bella and essentially making out until the end of the book but I kind of liked the speech.  I think it was heartfelt and gave you some time to see inside Bella’s head rather than just seeing Edward and Bella make out again.

All in all I really liked it and I think that any true Twilight fan that says they don’t like it is lying

-Drama mama out 🙂

First Eclipse TV Spot “Destiny”

17 May

The first Twilight Saga: Eclipse TV Spot “Eclipse” came out today via the iPhone Twilight tracker app, its very low quality but very exciting.  Check it out below.

Also don’t forget Robert Pattinson is on Ellen this Wednesday!

-Drama Mama out

So many movies in so little time

14 May

I am a huge movie buff.  I have been interested in movies forever but more recently during college where I graduated in Broadcasting and even more than making movies I love to go to the movies. During my 6 week maternity leave I went to about 6 movies…that’s right 6 movies.   In the next month or so there are so many movies coming out that I am so excited about.

May 27th – Sex and the City 2 – I am totally predictable in wanting to see this movie it is one of those girly movies that just make you want to dress up and have a cocktail to go and see.  The movie brings the 4 girls Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to a Middle Eastern country (not sure exactly where) for a very extravagant vacation.  One question besides Miranda doe these women work or have any previous engagements? How do they drop everything for these lavish outings? The trailer shows Carrie running into Aiden….former fiance.  So the big question is does she cheat or doesn’t she. I can’t say that I wouldn’t blame her.  After what Mr. Big did to her in teh first movie I would still be pissed.  I’m sure it is going to be a really funny feel good movie and one of those movies that make you feel a part of something as all franchise movies do.

June 4th – Killers – Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher play a married couple that knows nothing about each other.  Katherine Heigl is playing a very straight laced very conservative up tight women…like she normally does that happens to be married to an undercover CIA agent.  He brings her in on his escapades which I’m sure are going to make for some really funny and silly situations. This movie will probably be really predictable but I am still really excited to see it Ashton Kutcher is really funny and doesn’t act enough anymore.  We will see.

June 30th – Eclipse – Words cannot express how excited I am to see this movie.  I am a huge Twilight fan and this next installment is my favorite of the series.  It brings up many new issues that the saga has not dealt with before, true jealousy, sexual tension and major action.  I am probably most excited to see the interaction between Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as Bella and Jacob and the tension that this causes in Bella and Edward’s relationship.  All of the trailers and clips look amazing and I feel ike a 12 year old Twi hard when I think about the movie…so embarrassing

-Drama Mama out

Eclipse After Kiss Scene

13 May

Just thought you guys would enjoy this…Looks good. Not sure if it will live up to the scene in the book but we will see!

The quality if horrible 😦

-Drama Mama out 🙂