Bathroom Makever for Under $100

14 Aug

Now that we have a little girl in the house now I have been playing around with the idea of making over the kids bathroom since she was born. I wanted to do this on a minimal budget and I had the huge task of making whatever “decor” we chose work with the yellow paint that is already in the bathroom. I didn’t want to paint so I found some great items that work really well with what we have while giving us a whole new like for the time being.

Trashcan ($9.99) , Toothbrush Holder (3.99) and Soap Pump (3.99) – A lot of different colors are available within this collection. Another great thing about these items are that the items are solid colors they can work with other items later on when the other elements of the bathroom change. I went with the orange trashcan, turquoise toothbrush holder, and the lime soap pump.

Shower Curtain (9.99) and Blue Shower Curtain Liner (3.99) – I chose a cute patterned shower curtain because it was my only option within the Target collection that allowed me to keep my yellow paint. There are lots of really cute curtains within the Room Essentials Collection and they have colored shower curtain liners which are much more fun than standard white and clear.

Shower Curtain Hooks (9.99) – These hooks are great colors and they will work later when I am sick of the patterned shower curtain and change to a solid. They are a little bit more than the Room Essentials shower hooks but DO NOT buy the Room Essentials hooks….I had to return them, they almost tear the shower curtain and they make the curtain too long and skim the floor.

Towels (5.99 and 2.99) – I used solid color towels on my towel bars in order to be as generic as possible and to level off the printed shower curtain. Bright fun colors that are not “themey”. I went with turquoise, orange and hot pink.

Shower Caddy (2.99) – I bought a simple plastic shower caddy to organize the kids’ bath products. I like that it has 2 sides which allows me to keep Bailor and Luna’s items separate. Walmart, dollar stores etc all have caddies like this.  I liked this one because it had two different compartments but get what works for you.

Canvas Organization Caddy (3.99) – These came in many different sizes within the Target Room Essentials collection. They all have a similar look with a white border around the top to match the trashcan, toothbrush holder etc. Great way to keep all items like lotion, powder, hair brushes etc.

I had some other accessories like some art/wall hangings, hamper etc. that already matched what I chose but other than that I was able to transform a room with less than $100 in an afternoon.  Pretty darn crafty of myself if I must say so.

Check out the images of my “new” bathroom.  Click the image to see the next one.

-Drama mama out


2 Responses to “Bathroom Makever for Under $100”

  1. Jade 08/15/2010 at 10:44 pm #

    Too cute! I am so proud of you!

  2. tonya 08/16/2010 at 2:01 pm #

    super cute!! i love how you can flip thru the photos!!

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