Mederma Stretch Mark Lotion, Does it work???

14 May

I recently had a baby, my second and for some reason this baby left me with dreaded stretch marks on my lower belly.  I find this very odd as I didn’t get stretch marks for my first child and was always told “If you don’t get stretch marks the first time you won’t get them later” LIE! The weird thing is that I didn’t gain a whole lot of weight so I am wondering why I got them this time, is it because I’m older? Is it becuase every pregnancy is really different?

These LOVELY  stretch marks have put me on a mission to see what is out there to make them go away.  So far I have tried Palmer’s Stretch mark cream.  This is the cheapest option out there and needless to say it doesn’t really work.  Another bad thing about this product is that it smells horrible.  I don’t understand the marketing people for this product.  This product is made for pregnant women with disfiguring marks….you already feel bad enough about yourself and you have to use “special” lotion….why not make it at least smell good so that you can feel good about using the product.  My next option is Mederma stretch mark gel.  This is a bit pricier and many people use it for scars.  I began using it about 3 weeks ago and I ahve not really seen a major different but I will continue to use it until I run out….I guess we will see.

And that brings me to my latest find.  Mederma Stretch mark lotion.  I saw a commercial for this lotion on TV and it is a special formula made by Mederma especially for Stretch Marks.  When I saw the commerical I immediately started looking for it in stories.  I looked at Wal Mart, Target and no one had it yet. I recently went to Walgreens and asked about it and the sales women found it for me.  I was so excited that I hurried to the register without checking the price.  The cashier rung it up and $39.99 for 5 oz which I guess isn’t that bad but its tough to spend that much on a lotion that you are not sure is going to work and may just be a glorified moisturizer.  I put the lotion back so that I could do a bit of research on it before purchasing it. If it works like the ads say it does I should look like a Victoria’s Secret Model in no time 🙂

Has anyone used it? Does it seem to work? How does it smell? Is it greasy?

-Drama Mama out


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