Gay Teens and Bullying leads to Suicide

18 Oct

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If you are a parent you know that kids don’t know hate, they are taught to hate.  Kids don’t know that other people are poor, rich, gay, straight, ugly, pretty, skinny or fat, they are taught to notice those things and are taught to judge or hate based on those unchangeable elements of a person.  My goal as a parent is to raise kids that love and accept all people no matter what they believe or where they come from, I think that is the most important moral lesson you can teach a child or follow yourself.

Gay ridicule and discrimination has been an issue for all time but recently with more openly gay teens taunting and cyber bullying has reached an all time high.  This has to stop! Being a teenager is a tough time for anyone but being a Gay, Lesbian or Transgendered teenager adds a whole new element of difficulty to this portion of their lives. With the recent suicides of of many teens after enduring bullying and threats from their peers people should really open their eyes to what their closed mindedness does to others.

No matter what you believe, LGBT people are just that “people” with feelings, dreams ambitions just like everyone.  They don’t choose their sexual orientation just like you or I do not choose our race but they are ridiculed for something that they have no control over. Compassion and understanging is the best thing that people can share with others and with LGBT individuals and youth this can help more than you know.

Kids are coming out much earlier than they used to  which is great that they are comfortable enough to be themselves at a young age but sometimes this also causes unecessary bullying as well.  In September a 13 year old California boy hung himself from a tree after being continuously tanted and bullied about being gay.  This tragedy should not happen, a person, definitely not a child should not be harrased to a point that he feels the only way out is to end his life.

The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones will never hurt me” is a lie and people need to not underestimate the words that you say.  You never know how someone will take a comment or something you see as a joke!

So many celebrities are really advoating the cause of ending bullying and general gay awareness and support which is a great way to get the word out for the cause.  Lady Gaga is a huge gay advocate and her next albulm will be titled “We were born like this” which is a reference to  being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are. She is also a huge advocate for the reappeal of “Don’t ask Don’t Tell.” Take a look at some of the best celebrity videos for this cause donning the title “It gets better” which was started by “The Trevor Project” which is a 24 suicide hotline for LGBT youth.

If you want to support this cause you can go to Gay Rights website.  There are loads of information, resources and support for all.  Wendesday is a day to wear purple to end hate so don’t forget to pull out your purple ensemble and support this great cause.

-Drama mama urges all of you to love and teach love to your children!


Jerseylicious Cat Fight – Face Spitting, Hair Pulling Fun!

18 Oct

Jerseylicious on the style network is one of my new guilty pleasures.  It is a show following the stylists and makeup artists of a New Jersey Hair Salon, The Gatsby.  Along with all of the cliche big hair, overly tan and overly accessorized cast there is a major grudge between two of the girls, Olivia and Tracy.

The two normally fight over dating each others ex boyfriends but this week it came to a head when Tracy went over to Sonic, where Olivia was getting a drink and basically attacked her, spitting in her face, hitting her in the head, pulling her hair etc.  Basically trashy girl fight…one of the best kinds to watch, add in the oversized accessories and weave flying all over the place and this makes for great TV.

Check out the show it airs on the Style Network on Sundays.

-Drama mama out

Florence Rocks It On Dancing With The Stars |

15 Oct

I’ve said it before….this girl is amazing 🙂

Florence Rocks It On Dancing With The Stars |

Montana Baby | outdoor newborn photography | Baby as Art

13 Oct

All Photography is owned by Baby As Art

One of my favorite things in this world are newborn photos.  These outdoor shots are absolutely stunning and took my breathe away.  I had to share.  I hope you guys enjoy.

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Montana Baby | outdoor newborn photography | Baby as Art.

-Drama Filled Mama

Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? :

13 Oct

If you watch Teen Mom you know the tradegdy that is Amber and Gary….but Amber starting dating a new guy last week and this week her beau that she met at Wal Mart, yes I said Wal Mart is living with her and her daughter.

After a little research I came across a few sites with lots of evidence that this guy is a convicted sex offender for child molestation.  If this is not a red flag for bad decisions on boyfriends I don’t know what is. 


PHOTOS Is Teen Mom Amber’s new boyfriend Chris a convicted sex offender? :

To Die For – Anthropologie Items

11 Oct

After a “share” from a friend I am totally obsessed with’s merchandise.  I love the vintage, one of a kind look and feel of their pieces. They are on the pricey side but some would be great pieces for fall that you could easily mix with other items in your wardrobe.  Here are my favorites

Flanders Fields Cardigan, – This would look great paired with a fitted white tee and a pair of skinny jeans and boots $128
Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat,- I am dying of this coat, not only the stunning mustard color that would look amazing paired with jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress but the cut is great and would work for many body types $168
Sweeping Stitch Heels, – These amazing suede pumps look super comfortable with a stacked thick heel.  They come in black which could be paired with so many items or a vintage inspired turquoise that would look stunning with black, brown, gray, well any color really  $118
Orielle’s Filigree Cuff, – stunningly beautiful $48
who’s the fairest mirror, – Love this, great for a putting on your makeup.  Love the fairy inspired twig detail $148

Check out Anthropologie’s  site for more amazing finds. Enjoy!

-Drama mama out

New Favorite Things: Legging with Faux Leather Inset

11 Oct

I bought some leggings yesterday that I was a little iffy on,  New York and Company’s Black Legging with a faux leather inset. They have a equestrian feeling with an edge, with a faux leather inset on the inner calves.  I put them on this morning and I absolutely love them.  I automatically feel slim and chic with a little bit of unexpected surprise on the inside of my leg.  Another great thing is that they were only $9.99!

The thing to remember with leggings is, they are not pants.  Your top needs to be a little bit billowy and or cover your butt, be careful b/c you don’t want to come out with Kim Kardasian legging butt.  The best way to wear them are over tunics, under small/short dresses or large sweaters with boots, booties or heels.

Today I have them on at work so I am super casual with a flowing, long black ruffle tunic also from New York and Company, Jessica Simpson patent leopard sandals and gold accessories from Forever 21.

They would also look great paired with a flowing tank, fitted blazer, booties and some glam accessories for a night on the town.

However you decide to wear your leggings make sure to take a hard look at yourself before walking out the door and remember that these are not pants and unless you have the perfect body (let’s be honest, no one does) you should have your but covered by your top.

-Drama mama out