Great Baby Item – Especially for Baby High Chair Pad Cover

4 Oct

I had 2 kids and as you know for your first baby you have a shower and get loads of great expensive items.  By the time you have

This is the type of high chair that we have...we just replaced the cover and its as good as new

the second baby you are hoping that those big ticket items like bouncers, highchairs and strollers will last but today I found a great tool to repurpose a reused baby highchair and make it like new again. The Especially for Baby High Chair Pad Cover.

For our first child we got a Eddie Bauer wodden high chair thinking “Well its neutral and hopefully we can reuse it” and as soon as our 2nd child was ready to eat in the high chair we pulled it out of storage to find that the light colored vinyl seat cover was covered (no pun intended) in what looked like spagehtti stains….gross.  I started to panic, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find a replacement for a high chair that is over 4 years old.  So I put it out of my mind and thought maybe she won’t need the cover….boy was I wrong, I realized this when she reverse head butted the wodden back while eating.

Back of the cover

I headed to Babies R Us to see if they even made some sort of universal cover that would fit my perfectly good wooden high chair and they did.  This brand only comes in khaki (there are other brands that come in reversible styles with stripes/dots etc) which is not super cute but the good thing is that know my high chair fades into the background of my kitchen which is nice. Also this item was only $19.99 it is a vinyl material that can be wiped off and its super comfy and cooshy.  It will work with a high chair with a five point harness.  It also has a rounded top so I am guessing it will work with most main stream brands like Graco and Peg Perego.

Now Luna is cush and comfy in the kitchen while eating her Ella’s Kitchen and Plum Tots Organic baby food and my 4 year old high chair looks brand new and could easily be used for babies to come or be passed down.

-Drama mama out.


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