Melissa and Joey…funny show but ill fitting pencil skirts!

18 Sep

If you guys haven’t checked it out there is a new show on ABC Family called “Melissa and Joey” with Melissa Joan Hart and joey Lawrence.  The show follows Melissa, a council women taking care of her teenage neice and nephew and Joey who is her nanny.  Its a standard cheesy family sitcom, not the best acting but overall pretty funny show.

The thing that I cannot get over is Melissa Joan Hart’s wardrobe, she is constantly put in pencil skirts and super tight dresses that accentuate her “pooch” I wish i could say that I don’t have a pooch and look great in pencils and tight fitting dresses but lets admit it two kids and a few too many double cheesburgers and I need some control in the lower belly area.

The wardrobe department on the show needs to get it together and get Joan Hart some spanks asap.  Not hating on Melissa becuase its great to see a woman with a “real” body on TV but the wardrobe department’s job is to make her look her best and they are failing miserably.

Check out the show though…pretty funny and overall feel good show which is pretty hard to come by.

-Drama mama out


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