Adult/Couples/Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

15 Sep

After my post a few weeks ago about kids Halloween costumes I got a request to do a post about Halloween costume suggestions and ideas for adults, couples and preggos so I decided to run with it.  The Most popular costumes this year will include Alice and Wonderland characters, Avatar characters and vampires a la Twilight Saga.

Adult/Slutty  – If you don’t want to be a “Slutty ________” then most online costume stores are not for you.  But if you do there are some really fun/sexy costumes if you have the body and money for them.  Some of my favorites include Rainbow Bright, Princess Jasmine and the Sailor but there are litterally 1000s of these types of costumes all over the internet…simply type Sexy Whateever you want to be” into a Google search and you will find what you are looking for. Also good news is that most of these types of places carry plus sized costumes now so if you are not a size 2, you can still look hot on Halloween.

I love the idea about really iconic costumes that people recognize put are not mass marketed, so you really stand out at a party b/c there is no one in the same costume.  I saw a cool costume for a Dharma Initiative Worker from Lost that was so great.  Making a Smruf/Smurfette costume would be really cute especially with the new movie coming out.  They have Smurf costumes online but they are kind of cheesy.  I also really like costumes that reference people from our generation would remember Doug Funnie, Rugrats, Wild and Crazy Kids etc.  can’t be originality

Couples – There are 100s of cliche costumes for couples, Ragedgy Ann and Andy, Salt and Pepper, Wilma and Fred Flinstone, but some of my favorites include really off the wall stuff, Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise would be great.  I also saw some funny gay couple costumes, The Ambiguously Gay Duo Ace and Gary Costume is great and would be sure to get you noticed at your party Mario and Luigi would also be great.  Forrest and I were Sweeny Todd and Ms. Lovett a few years ago, we made our costumes but now they offer costumes for it.  I wore a  beer maid costume and carried a rolling pin and Forrest wore a pair of gray suit paints, a pirate shirt, black pirate vest, black wig with white stripe but the bloddy towel in his belt made the costume.

Preggers – Having a great costume for Halloween while pregnant is a challenge. There are the cliche items, Bun in the oven, barefoot and pregnant, pregnant nun etc.  I would suggest painting your stomach to incorporate it into your costume if you can.  Many sites offer maternity Halloween costumes if you must but I would suggest being creative and making something yourself.  Parents magazine has a great article with ideas and real life photos that are great for inspiration.  The “mother of pearl” is to die for. But some of these “costumes” could be done really easily and inexpensively.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!!!

-Drama mama out


2 Responses to “Adult/Couples/Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. Ava 09/17/2010 at 11:30 am #

    Hey Mal, another good maternity costume is “Miss Conception.” I had a friend do it for a costume party; she wore a formal gown, crown, and her sash said Miss Conception. Very cute!

    • mlj23741 09/17/2010 at 5:24 pm #

      That is a good one and most people have that stuff already 🙂

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