To Die For: Posh Mommy 14K Gold Loop Necklace

10 Sep

Brooke Burke layering the 14K Gold Name Loop

I have been looking for a way to boast that I am a mom in a very subtle and still chic way.  Enter Posh Mommy Jewelry, this line of jewelry offers cool, hip mom jewelry that is not the cliche kid stick figures on a ball chain. Its really fashionable items that you can wear daily or layer with other peices that no one will know is “mom” jewelry unless they look closely.

My favorite has to to be the 14K gold Loop necklace.  It allows you to put info like names on the front and birth dates on the back.  I like the idea of layering this shorter necklace with other longer gold pieces that I wear on a normal basis for a cool layered look.  This site also offers other items like discs, tags, squares and more in both silver and gold.  The silver items are much cheaper coming in at around the $100 mark while the gold items are more around the $300-$400 mark.

This line also features men’s dog tags which are pretty cool for a dad that wants to show off his family in a cool hip way.  At first thought dad dog tags sounds a bit cheesy but these are ultra cool with a family crest and info like names/dates etc.

Posh Mommy Jewelry is everywhere, PEOPLE magazine, InSytle, US Weekly, and even the Guncles from Tori and Dean’s Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen were spotted wearing Posh Daddy dogtags, Check it out here.

These would make great birthing or baby shower gifts for someone special.  Tell Posh Mommy that Drama Filled Mama sent you.

-Drama mama out


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