Command PR – They need me

6 Sep

For you who don’t know me, I am a “people person” as cliche as that can sound its true. I love being in a group of people with lots of conversation and mingling.  I graduated in Mass Communications/Broadcasting knowning that I would use my talents of communication to land a job doing anything and everything that allowed me to be myself and use my skills as a commuicator and a people person.

I landed a job as an Account Manager at a very successful website development firm doing what I know and love, buidling relationships with my clients and “taking care” of them on a daily basis. I am able to learn new things everyday while engaging people and being engaged by the people that I meet.

I am a TV junkie and have known about Jonathan Cheban for years via the Kardashains. I caught an episode at “The Spin Crowd” on E and I am hooked.  The show follows Jonathon’s PR firm “Command PR” in LA and its an amazing show, enthralling, cut throat and a bit scandalous.  The first episode that I caught was about Jonathon setting up an appointment for one of his new associates to get lip injections.  The girl was terrified and in the end didn’t get the injections but man…all I gotta say, your boss is offering paid for cosmetic enhancements…take it, not to sound shallow but you work with celebrities in Hollywood, GO FOR IT!

I am really excited about this show and what it has to offer. I love what I do but Jonathon…give me a shout and I can loose 100 lbs and be out to LA in a day 🙂

-Drama mama out


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