Halloween Costume Ideas

1 Sep

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays!   I always pride myself on finding really cute and different costumes for myself and my kids.  I have 2 kids Bailor who is 4 and Luna Jane who is 7 months.  With Bailor I have already had my chance to dress him up as I wanted.  I am now overidden by his own choices of super heros and other cliche halloween costumes.  With Luna Jane I am able to explore the possibilties of ridiculously cute girly baby costumes.

If you haven’t purchased halloween costumes online before BEWARE because they can be really expensive but some are worth while others are not.  While most main stream kids stores offer halloween costumes at reasonable prices these costumes can be overdone and you may see many duplicates while trick or treating or attending your Halloween parties.  The Children’s Place, Baby Gap and Pottery Barn are usually great places to get started looking for ideas when it comes to cute kids Halloween costumes.

If you want something a little more specific or high end try costume sites like http://www.buycostumes.com/ or http://www.halloweenexpress.com/tom-arma-costumes-c-353.html which carries 100s of costumes from movies, cartoons, stories and more.  This site also carries all sizes from infant to plus sized.  My favorites from these sites are the Lobster, Lil’ Monster and the Baby Blossom.

These types of costumes normally run about $50 but make for great photos and get lots of compliments.

Another option is making your costumes.  This is really great if you have ideas in mind.  I was thinking about doing a cupcake costume for Luna and found some great sites that give you ideas on how to make specific types of costumes.  Coolest Homeade Halloween Costumes is a great resource.  Keep in mind that homemade costumes always run the risk of looking homemade but can come out really great and be a real conversation starter.

I hope I have inpired you to get creative and think outside of the box when purchasing or making you and your kids Halloween costumes this year.  You only get a few years to dress your kids ridiculously…take advantage of it!

-Drama mama out


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