To Die for: Honda Crosstour

30 Aug

2010 Honda Crosstour at the 2010 Canadian Inte...

Image via Wikipedia

I went car shopping the other day….well actually car browsing.  I have never wanted a new car until recently when my car is almost paid off 😦

I came across the new Honda Crosstour.  Photos really don’t do it justice.  It is really nice and a luxury version of the Accord. It is very spacious and a bit bigger than a small SUV like a Tribute or Escape but it is still smaller than a real full sized SUV.  It doesn’t have 3 rows but it could fit 3 carseats if you picked them strategically, Britax Regent and other larger carseats in multiples probably won’t work but depending on the ages of your children you could fit a booster, one large carseat like a Britax Marathon and an infant carrier which most smaller SUVs don’t allow for.

The drawback of this vehicle is the price….starts at about $30,000.  Another funny tidbit about this car, it reminds me of the “Edward Cullen” volvo. LOL

Anyone knows someone who has one?

-Drama mama out


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