Charlie St. Cloud – the movie

2 Aug

In case you missed it I blogged about “Charlie St. Cloud” by Ben Sherwood a few weeks ago.  it was a great book, fast read, emotional, heart warming  and a coming of age novel which is always great.

The movie based on this novel came out this past weekend and Forrest was so sweet to agree to see this during his birthday celebration.  All in all it was a good little movie.  Just as any other movie based on a book the movie wasn’t as good as the book but don’t let that keep you away.

Zac Efron plays Charlie St. Cloud who is a young man who looses his brother. The story follows him in the years after his brother’s death.  He is able to see his brother and has kept his promise to his brother to play catch with him each day at sunset.  By keeping his promise Charlie is not able to be the person he wants to be.

Ultimately its a love story with a supernatural twist.  Zac Efron really does a great job and sort of finds his place as a real actor, you also can’t really deny that he is stunningly beautiful as well (even though I feel somewhat of a pedophile saying that)

Great little move…check it out

-Drama mama out


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