Baby Food Smoothies…Luna Jane loves them!

24 Jul

We just recently started feeding Luna Jane, who is almost 6 months, baby food, only fruit so far.  I came across organic fruits in these really cool twist off cap, squeeze out pouches and we had to try them.  At first we tried feeding them to her with a spoon like we had with the normal baby food but these organic fruits are a bit more watery and makes them difficult and messy to feed with a spoon so we started adding them to her “thick milk” bottle (bottle with rice or oatmeal cereal mixed with her formula) and she loves them

They make feeding her fruits to her new and fun and not messy at all. We are about to start veggies but we will keep veggies in a bowl with a spoon. Veggie smoothies don’t sound that appetizing. 

Anyway, check them out you can find the fruits at Babies R Us.  We use “Plum Organics” and “Ella’s Kitchen organic Baby Food” the best thing about these baby foods are that they are all organic and it is so nice to see ingredients that don’t involve acids or other preservatives.  They are also really easy to store as the cap is screw on and while they are not super cheap Babies R Us normally runs specials on them.

Luna Jane likes the mangoes and strawberries and apples.

Check them out

-Drama mama out


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