Belkin Products…no so good :(

15 Jul

So Belkin electronics are supposed to be really good products….allegedly.  We have a Belkin wireless router and I have a Belkin FM modulator and they both suck.  We have LUS Fiber internet that is supposed to be mega fast, well I have never been able to use it because the internet we pay for is slower than the internet that I can steal from a neighbor…not cool.

Also I have to use the FM modulator with my iPod in the car and it blows.  I can never listen to music without a huge amount of static and if an 18 wheeler passes next to me the connection goes completely out.

These electronics are one of the most expensive out there and they should work…I would think.

Do you have any Belkin products? Do they work? Or do they suck like mine?

-Drama mama out 🙂


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