“the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”

6 Jun

Ok so I have been a HUGE Twilight fan for about 2 years now.  Stephenie Meyer has just created a world that is so easy to be in and to love being in.  Well as many of you know “The Twilight Saga” is only four books and i have read them all over and over and over again.  I am not a crazy 12 year old fan girl that can’t get enough Edward its just that you notice something totally new each time you read through the books. The way that Meyer portrays her characters allows you to really be thrust into their life.

The story of Bree Tanner is no exception.  Bree a newborn vampire that is introduced in “Eclipse” for only a few very short pages.  She is created by Riley for the evil Victoria in order to add to the army to kill the Cullens.  In this novella created by Meyer you get to see the back story of Bree and what is going through in the days leading up to the fight with the Cullens.  You also get a little bit of romance between Bree and Diego a new character introduced in this novella.

I read this 175 page novella in one sitting and it was really great to read Meyer’s writing again and to be thrust back into the world of the Twilight series.  I wish that Meyer will continue her writing with another character in the series as I know myself and other fans are not ready to leave this world forever…we will see.

-Drama mama out


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