Snooki….trashy and tragic!

6 Jun

Ok so I just recently got into “Jersey Shore” All I have to say it is so hilarious.  I love all the hype behind this show and I think it is so funny b/c people hate on these Jersey shore people so much but you have to admit….they are super smart.  The cast is not extremely talented or good-looking people but they have found a way to capitalize on their lifestyle.

Snooki, the most talked about cast member looks absolutely ridiculous with her huge poof and crazy antics about Obama raising taxes on tanning to punish the Jersey Shore cast.  All I have to say about that it LOL!

I am excited to be a true part of this season!

-Drama mama out


One Response to “Snooki….trashy and tragic!”

  1. tonya 06/16/2010 at 3:59 pm #

    LOVE Jersey Shore!!

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