Lost…just arriving on the island!

5 Jun

So eveyone has been buzzing about Lost and the many crazy ending possiblilies as well as the many alternate endings and all the craziness that comes along with “The End” I am a self proclaimed TV guru and this was a show that I never got into.  I had never even watched one episode.  I am the type of person that must watch something from the beginning in order to be a true part of it…enter Netflix!

I have gotten through the first 3 discs of the first season and I thirsty for more.  I think that it is such a different feeling show.  Eveything about it is different, not only the plot and storyline, by the way its shot the way it makes you feel etc.  I am very excited to see the next few discs and to be engrossed in the world of “Lost”…very exciting.

Don’t spoil anything for me in the comments or on facebook b/c I will be really sad.

-Drama mama out


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