Bangle Bracelets….dangerous to motorists

18 May

Ok so last week I was driving and wearing multiple bangle bracelets as I always do when suddenly my bangles connected to the underneath of my cruise control button on my steering wheel.  I PANICKED.  I was in the middle of a major intersection with my arm tied to my steering wheel rendering me helpless and a danger to myself and my fellow motorists.  I RIPPED my arm away from my steering wheel as qucickly as I could and in the sudden movement the cruise control button came completely off of my steering wheel.

Very greatful that I survived the incident I replaced the button and it seemed to have caused no damage until……today when I went to use my cruise control on the interstate and it DOESN’T WORK! This is a major problem now b/c without my cruise control I SPEED.  So what’s more of a danger wearing accessories while driving or speeding…I guess we will never know.

-Drama mama out


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