“Letters to Juliet” Predictable but Sweet!

16 May

I went to see “Letters to Juliet” today with my husband and 2 chickadees.  I got the pick the movie this time because the last time my two boys went to the movies without me to see Iron Man 2.  This movie is from Summit Entertainment..the same studio that produces the Twilight Saga films.  I don’t know if its just me or what but I feel that since the release of Twilight Summit has been releasing a lot of movies.  I hope that this is the beginning of a great road for them….we can always use more large production companies.

OK back to the movie. Letters to Juliet is the story of a writer in the making, Sophie travels to Verona Italy with her Fiance.  While in Verona Sophie learns of the “Secretaries of Juliet,” women who gather all of the letters that passers by leave at the house of Juliet.  These women answer the many letters of desperation and sadness. Sophie finds the 50 year old letter burried deep within the wall and decides to answer the letter.

Days later Claire and her grandson Charlie show up in Verona looking for “juliet” Sophie had answered Claire’s 50 year old letter about finding her love Lorenzo.  To Charlie’s hesitation Claire and Sophie devise a plan to go on an adventure looking for the many Lorenzos in the area.  After finding many “wrong” Lorenzos Claire finally finds her long lost love.  Of course during this journey Charlie realizes his feelings for Sophie.  Afraid of the feelings that she has for Charlie Sophie returns to New York and eventually ends her relationship with her fiance only in time to head back to Italy to attend the wedding of Claire and Lorenzo.  While at the wedding Charlie and Sophie profess thier love to one another in a cheesy balcony scene.

As I said in the title predictable but sweet…this one can wait until it comes out on DVD. I am really impressed with Amanda Seyfreid…she plays all sorts of roles and I must say she is absolutely beautiful…her hair makes me hate myself 😦

-Drama mama out


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